Prof. Balsam: We have breakthrough drugs for diabetes, but we need to act sooner

Prof.  Balsam: We have breakthrough drugs for diabetes, but we need to act sooner

There are drugs available today that inhibit the occurrence of complications. Diabetes does not have to shorten your life by 10-12 years. In addition to medications, it is also necessary for the patient to follow the recommendations and have a healthy lifestyle: said prof. Paweł Balsam during the opening panel of the Health Visionaries 2023 conference.

Diabetes causes many complications, including cardiovascular complications: including: heart attack, stroke, but also heart failure. Diabetes complications can shorten life by up to 10-12 years. However, today there are drugs available that prevent these complications.

– We have a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes and inhibiting the development of cardiovascular complications: new drugs prevent heart attacks, strokes, but also heart failure. These are antidiabetic drugs that, in a sense, have become cardiological drugs – said Prof. Paweł Balsam from the Department of Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Today, for some patients with type 2 diabetes and heart failure, these modern drugs are reimbursed. – We can treat patients in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish Society of Cardiology as well as the Polish Diabetes Association. New drugs are truly a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, noted Prof. Paweł Balsam.

However, the expert also pointed out that it is necessary to intervene earlier, before diabetes develops, to prevent it from occurring. The basis is education and a healthy lifestyle. – We still have a lot to do here. The European Society of Cardiology defines Poland as a country with high cardiovascular risk. Why is this happening – just look at the statistics, how many Poles have hypertension and lipid disorders. We have a problem with smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes, which are increasingly used by young people. Lifestyle and low physical activity are also a problem. We also have a huge problem with childhood obesity: we are the leader in Europe in this respect. And this means that we will only see this wave of type 2 diabetes cases – said Prof. Balm. He emphasized that education is necessary from kindergarten. – Prevention is necessary. Over 50 percent Cardiovascular events can be prevented thanks to a healthy lifestyle, he noted.

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