Ferrari follows in Tesla’s footsteps. The manufacturer accepts cryptocurrencies

Ferrari follows in Tesla's footsteps.  The manufacturer accepts cryptocurrencies

Ferrari will start accepting payments for luxury cars in cryptocurrencies. The well-known manufacturer has made the change in the USA, although it will soon develop an unusual program for Europe.

Ferrari has started accepting cryptocurrencies from its American customers. The company argues that the initiative is intended to make it easier for customers to purchase sports cars and at the same time not violate the company’s ecological goals.

Ferrari accepts cryptocurrencies when buying cars – a breakthrough in the USA

According to Ferrari, the initiative to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for cars results from requests from car dealers and potential customers. There are cases of young investors who became rich on cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there are also traditional investors who diversify their portfolio and also hold cryptocurrencies.

Ferrari Marketing and Commercial Director Enrico Galliera confirmed that the program currently applies to the US, but will also be expanded to the European region in the first quarter of 2024. Next, the option to pay with cryptocurrencies will be expanded to other regions where this system is legal. The exception will therefore be China.

At the same time, Galliera assured that the carbon neutrality goal of Ferrari’s supply chain by 2030 remains unchanged.

Unecological Bitcoins – Tesla stopped accepting them

It is worth recalling that cryptocurrencies are “mined” using a significant amount of electricity, which can be generated using fossil fuels. It was these environmental concerns that were the final nail in the coffin for Tesla’s very similar program.

In 2021, Elon Musk proudly announced the possibility of paying for Tesla’s electric vehicles in Bitcoin. However, it did not last long, because after two months the option was withdrawn due to the unecological acquisition of virtual currency. This resulted in over 10 percent. decrease in the value of the token.

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