The Sejm will take care of the memory of John Paul II. A special body was established

The Sejm will take care of the memory of John Paul II.  A special body was established

A group of MPs will want to ensure the protection of the legacy of John Paul II. For this purpose, a special parliamentary team was established in the Sejm.

Members of the new term have already established over 20 new teams. They cover various topics. Some politicians want to deal with children’s rights and the protection of animal rights, while others feel they have a mission to promote scouting or fishing. Still others considered it most important to show support for purebred dog breeders.

Parliamentarians also signed up to join teams that are to deal with the problems of the cities they come from, including: Łódź and Warsaw. One of the parliamentary groups is dedicated to the former pope.

The Sejm team and John Paul II

The team for the Heritage of Saint John Paul II included 14 MPs. From this group, as many as 13 are PiS politicians, including: Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Robert Warwas, Andrzej Kryj and Zbigniew Dolata. The only representative of another party is Andrzej Grzyb from the Polish People’s Party.

For now, it is not known what exactly the team will do. Last term, the group’s position in defense of John Paul II, published after TVN24’s materials regarding the Polish Pope’s unclear behavior regarding the cover-up of cases of church pedophilia, gained the most publicity.

Statement in defense of John Paul II

“We express our firm opposition to the reprehensible, scandalous and false accusations against Saint. John Paul II. Leftist and liberal circles, with the help of a propaganda machine, have been constantly undermining the authority of the Church and Saint himself for years. John Paul II,” wrote the band members.

“They have now launched a frontal attack on the greatest of the Poles, our beloved Holy Father John Paul II – accusing him of tolerating or even complicity in covering up pedophilia among priests in the Church,” they added.

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