Dariusz Matecki waives immunity. “I’d be happy to meet this lady in court”

Dariusz Matecki waives immunity. "I'd be happy to meet this lady in court"

Sovereign Poland MP Dariusz Matecki has waived his immunity in connection with an incident from the election campaign. It concerns the alleged pasting over of another candidate’s poster.

Sovereign Poland MP Dariusz Matecki recently made headlines in the media due to an incident in the Sejm. The MP went onto the roof of the Sejm hotel to take a photo of the rising sun. The matter was first reported by Sejm Speaker Szymon Hołownia. Matecki downplayed the incident.

As Interia reports, Matecki waived his immunity, but not in connection with this incident.

A dispute over a poster by Dariusz Matecki in Pyrzyce. Police on site

The case concerns the election campaign and an alleged attempt by the candidate’s campaign staff to cover up another candidate’s poster.

– In Pyrzyce, someone tore off my election poster, the staff noticed it and we went to the site to hang it up again. At this point, a woman felt offended that we were allegedly covering another candidate’s poster. The police were called to the scene and the details of the incident were recorded, MP from Zbigniew Ziobro’s party told the portal.

The politician added that he had recordings of the incident and would be happy to meet in court with the woman who thought she was covering another poster. At the previous meeting, he himself submitted a request to waive his immunity.

Matecki may also face the consequences of walking on the roof of the Sejm at night. Marshal Szymon Hołownia emphasized that “moving around the roof of the Sejm in the twilight, at night, where there are lightning rods, may result in serious consequences.” Dariusz Matecki will have to pay dearly for his nighttime escapade. A politician may be fined between PLN 12,000 and PLN 18,000. zloty.

The Sovereign Poland MP was also widely discussed in connection with the Tomasz Mraz tapes. At the end of May, the TVN24 portal published a record of a conversation between former deputy minister of justice Marcin Romanowski, Dariusz Matecki, Mateusz Wagemann and Tomasz Mraz on the division of funds from the Justice Fund.

The conversation was taken out of context, but it showed that Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski was afraid that the purpose of allocating public funds might be questionable.

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