Who is on the PSL and PL 2050 lists for the Senate? “This is a very strong team”

Who is on the PSL and PL 2050 lists for the Senate?  "This is a very strong team"

The leaders of PSL and Poland 2050 have just presented their candidates for the Senate. Both groups are signatories of the Senate pact. – This is a very strong team with wonderful people committed to the cause – commented the leader of the People’s Party.

Let us recall: in mid-August, the end of work on the Senate pact was officially announced.

PSL leader: This is a very strong team

This is a joint list of candidates for the Senate prepared by the Civic Coalition, the New Left, Polski 2050, PSL and the local government movement “Yes! For Poland”. The formula of the agreement is that the above-mentioned groups will field one common candidate in all districts.

On Tuesday, August 29, the leader of PSL Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and the leader of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia jointly presented their candidates who will run as part of the Senate pact.

PSL staffed 21 districts with its people, and Polska 2050 staffed 8 districts. The most famous names included: former Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Speaker of the Senate Michał Kamiński and senators Kazimierz Ujazdowski and Jan Filip Libicki.

– This is a very strong team with wonderful people devoted to the cause, who sometimes come from different sides, but they know that the values ​​of economic Poland, focusing on work, work that pays off, on honesty, reliability, and the common good, are are our values ​​(…) There are many people who strive every day to ensure that we can move forward with such great verve and initiative, so that we can win the elections to the Sejm, but also to the Senate – commented Kosinik-Kamysz.

PL 2050 Leader: It will be the eyes of a green, safe and modern Poland

Hołownia stated that the United Right government should treat the parliament “like a legislative meat grinder.” According to Hołownia, both houses of parliament “must return to their places.”

– It is not really treated as a legislative power, but as one of the arms of the executive power. This must change (…) In the intention of the legislator of our nation (…) the Senate was to be the chamber, the place which would look at, correct and perfect whatever was developed in the heat of the debates in the Sejm with a cool eye. (…) We wanted our candidates to have the quality mark that they bring with them from their previous lives. So that they can guarantee that their eyes, through which they will look at the laws, will always be the eyes of a green, safe, modern Poland – said the leader of Poland 2050.

Lists of PSL and PL 2050 candidates for the Senate

The list of PSL candidates for the Senate is as follows:

  • District 5 (Dzierżoniów) – Paweł Gancarz

  • District 6 (Oleśnica) – Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski

  • District 12 (Grudziądz) – Ryszard Bober

  • District 17 (Biała Podlaska) – Marek Sulima

  • District 25 (Kutno) – Tadeusz Gajda

  • District 28 (Piotrków Trybunalski) – Marek Mazur

  • District 29 (Tomaszów Mazowiecki) – Józef Matysiak

  • District 30 (Oświęcim) – Krzysztof Klęczar

  • District 35 (Tarnów) – Stanisław Sorys

  • District 37 (Nowy Sącz) – Stanisław Pasoń

  • District 38 (Płock) – Waldemar Pawlak

  • District 41 (Pruszków) – Michał Kamiński

  • District 48 (Siedlce) – Krzysztof Borkowski

  • District 49 (Kozienice) – Leszek Przybytniak

  • District 54 (Stalowa Wola) – Małgorzata Zuch

  • District 59 (Suwałki) – Cezary Cieślukowski

  • District 68 (Myszków) – Krzysztof Smela

  • District 81 (Końskie) – Edmund Kaczmarek

  • District 85 (Iława) – Gustaw Marek Brzezin

  • District 89 (Szamotuły) – Jan Filip Libicki

  • District 93 (Konin) – Anna Majd

The list of Poland 2050 candidates includes:

  • District No. 16 (Lublin) – Jacek Trela

  • District No. 20 (Zielona Góra) – Mirosław Różański

  • District No. 46 (Ostrołęka) – Grzegorz Nowosielski

  • District No. 50 (Radom) – Cezary Brymora

  • District No. 60 (Białystok) – Maciej Żywno

  • District No. 73 (Bielsko-Biała) – Piotr Masłowski

  • District No. 82 (Kielce) – Piotr Dasios

  • District No. 92 (Gniezno) – Grzegorz Fedorowicz

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