Pink church. An innovative approach presented in China

Pink church.  An innovative approach presented in China

In the Chinese city of Fuzhou, due to the growing number of Christians, a new church was needed. The city authorities decided on a very unusual project. A modern building in a pastel pink color was added next to the Huaxiang Church, built in 1930.

The pink church next to the 20th-century stone structure is the idea of ​​the authorities of the city of Fuzhou in southeast China. The metropolis located on the Silk Road route is famous for its bold architectural designs. We recently wrote about the Art Center, which also attracts attention and is non-obvious in its form.

The Chinese followed suit. Another bold structure was the church. The new building houses a main hall with a capacity of 1,500 people, where masses will be held, and two smaller spaces that will accommodate approximately 500 believers. Choir classes and lessons will be held in the rest of the rooms. Some of the space will be used for administrative rooms.

In 1930, when the first building was built, it was a distinctive structure in the area. Over the years, it was surrounded by higher and higher office buildings, which caused it to disappear in the urban space. This was one of the factors that influenced the choice of color for the new building. Thanks to its original design and color, it will once again draw attention to the local temple. This choice was also a response to the limitation of the building’s height imposed by the local development plan. Since the designers couldn’t draw attention through the height of the structure, they decided to do it with the color of the facade.

Another characteristic element of the structure are two amphitheaters built on its roof. They will allow you to organize cultural events. They also offer a view of almost the entire city. So I will also act as a tourist.

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