A popular 9-meter micro studio apartment for rent. How much do you have to pay?

A popular 9-meter micro studio apartment for rent.  How much do you have to pay?

A few months ago, some media used the term “patodeweloperka” to refer to this micro-apartment. All because the bathroom, kitchenette and “living area” are only 9 square meters. The flat is now for rent.

Property prices are going up and there is no sign of them going down any time soon. This is the result of a combination of very different circumstances: construction materials and labor are becoming more and more expensive, land prices are reaching record levels. For many of us, relatively large apartments (and “big” may mean something different for everyone) will remain in the realm of dreams.

The rental market is no better. Although in 2020 and the first months of 2021, rental prices were lower than in previous years (if only because universities conduct online classes), the market is already seeing increases. If the epidemiological situation does not worsen and students return to full-time studies in the fall, rental prices may exceed pre-pandemic levels, and this is because the real estate market is very hot.

PLN 1060 for 9 square meters

In this situation, small apartments may be in demand. A micro-studio in Poznań has just hit the market, which was written about by various Polish media a few months ago. All because the apartment is only 9 square meters. On this surface there is also a separate bathroom on a micro scale and a kitchenette.

26-year-old Lilka Charniuk spent over a year and a half in a micro-apartment and in an interview with the Noizz website she argued that such an area would be enough for a dignified life.

“I feel really good here. It always annoys me a lot when people write under my YouTube video something like: oh mother, how can you live here, it’s a cage, etc. – she said when asked if something bothered her in such a small area. “Of course it was a bit difficult at first, especially on the first day when I brought my things, set everything up and could only move around myself. I was very scared then. However, I quickly unpacked, started to arrange everything wisely, bought a hanger, put a table and a chair, so now I feel comfortable here – she added.

A few days ago, an offer to rent a micro-studio appeared on Facebook real estate groups. The apartment can be rented for PLN 1060 and the price includes all fees. Some of the equipment visible in the photos belongs to the current tenant. In addition, the new tenant must pay a deposit, the amount of which depends on whether he will live with an animal (PLN 1,500) or without (PLN 1,200).

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