The mayor of Lublin issued a ban to farmers. “There is no consent to a 90-day paralysis”

The mayor of Lublin issued a ban to farmers.  "There is no consent to a 90-day paralysis"

The Mayor of Lublin follows in the footsteps of Jacek Sutryk and does not consent to farmers' protests in the city. “I do not consent to a 90-day paralysis of Lublin,” said Krzysztof Żuk.

Farmers are not giving up their weapons. On Wednesday, March 20, trade unionists announce a “star invasion” and a blockade of all large cities in Poland. However, in some places their plans may be stopped by local authorities. This has already happened in Wrocław, where farmers planned to protest in four locations in the city, but Jacek Sutryk did not consent to the gatherings. A similar decision was made by Krzysztof Żuk, the mayor of Lublin.

“I understand the farmers' demands, which is why I did not object when they announced short-term protests in Lublin, especially since the crisis management services, together with the farmers, have developed a form that allows the protesters to express their demands, while ensuring the safety of residents and maintaining the patency of the most important streets in city,” he wrote in a statement. “However, I do not consent to the 90-day paralysis of Lublin, which farmers announced a few days later in the announcement of the next meeting,” he added.

The mayor of Lublin does not agree to the farmers' protest

Krzysztof Żuk announced that after consultations with representatives of the services, he issued a “ban on the assembly, which was to last continuously for three months.” “Article 14, sections 1 and 2 of the Act on Assemblies provides for the possibility of issuing a ban on an assembly if: the purpose of the assembly or its holding violates legal provisions or if its holding may pose a significant threat to the life or health of people or property. I have no doubt that that's how it is,” explains the president.

“Farmers, in the submitted notice of the meeting of March 15, 2024, directly announce the blockade of intersections from next Saturday until June 20. This means ambulances trying to get through kilometers of traffic jams, the inability to get to a doctor for people requiring medical intervention, or the difficulty of getting to schools for children and youth and thousands of employees who will not get to work,” the statement continues. He added that the protest cannot “take place at the expense of the city's residents.”

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