Immunity shot with beetroot and ginger. Simple, powerful and effective

Immunity shot with beetroot and ginger.  Simple, powerful and effective

A few ingredients, a few minutes of work and the immunity shot is ready. Just drink it every day and the effects will be unnoticeable. The main ingredients are beetroot and ginger.

It has an intense color, is intense in taste, but also intense in action, because this immunity shot literally contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

How to make an immunity shot with beetroot and ginger?

To make an immunity shot, you need a blender or juicer. The ingredients are simple: three beets, two apples, a large piece of ginger and the juice of one lemon. Everything should be blended or put through a juicer. If you are blending ingredients, you can add a little water to make everything blend easily. In this case, after mixing, squeeze out the juice using cheesecloth or a very dense strainer.

How much ginger to add? We deliberately do not provide the exact amount, because ginger gives the shot a sharpness and everyone has to balance its level on their own. To start with, you can try adding about a 3-4 cm piece of fresh ginger, but it is worth increasing this amount. The shot has an intense flavor and if you want to soften it, you can sweeten it with a bit of honey.

It is best to pour the finished shot into small jars or bottles and store it in the refrigerator for a maximum of a few days. People with a sensitive stomach should be careful with the immune boosting shot made from beetroot, ginger and lemon. A shot, as the name suggests, is a small but intense portion of the drink in every respect. Just drink about 50-100 ml of the mixture a day.

What does beetroot and ginger shot help with?

Such a shot is a real bomb of ingredients valuable for health, vitamins, essential elements, but also antioxidants and fiber. Therefore, a shot of beetroot and ginger will not only strengthen your immunity, but will also help regulate blood pressure and sugar levels, have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, improve the functioning of the digestive system and boost metabolism.

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