mObywatel for entrepreneurs. Cieszyński announces mBiznes

mObywatel for entrepreneurs.  Cieszyński announces mBiznes

Janusz Cieszyński announced further functions for mObywatel. The government application is to receive mBiznes – a module that will facilitate numerous formalities for entrepreneurs.

Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński presented an interesting novelty that may soon be available in mObywatel. The official government application is to include an mBiznes module, which will help small entrepreneurs complete formalities.

Cieszyński announces mBiznes – a new module in mObywatel

An entry announcing the change recently appeared on Cieszyński’s official account on the platform (formerly Twitter). The project regarding facilitations for sole proprietorships was presented as part of a broader initiative of “digital details of Law and Justice”.

PiS will launch mBiznes, i.e. the mObywatela module, which will allow you to perform all the basic activities related to running such a company. ZUS, taxes, permits, correspondence with offices – all this will be possible without leaving the office“- wrote the minister.

Cieszyński reminded that this type of settlements currently has to be carried out in offices by over a million Poles who run JDG and do not employ additional people. The politician also asked whether Internet users liked the proposal.

Some comments draw attention to the future tense, because it is only an announcement, with no implementation date yet. Others point out that few JDG entrepreneurs settle their own taxes with the office because the tax regulations are too complicated.

Matches of the Polish national team in mObywatel

As we wrote in, in September there were many announcements about the development of the mObywatel function. Since the beginning of the month, mID has been accepted in all Polish banks, but the most famous news is definitely the availability of… football matches in the government app.

“Sports broadcasts are the most popular programs every year and that is why we want access to all our team’s matches to be always on your phones,” Cieszyński informed on September 11.

The project called mTV is intended to provide access to performances of the Polish national team, as well as various “digital assets of Polish culture”. It seems that sports broadcasts are also intended to be an incentive that will encourage more compatriots to use the government program.

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