Poland will submit an application to the CJEU. It’s about German waste

Poland will submit an application to the CJEU.  It's about German waste

Poland will submit an application to the CJEU regarding German waste, Climate Minister Anna Moskwa announced on TVP1. On Wednesday, both sides presented their arguments to the European Commission. As Moscow says, the confrontation was “crushing for Germany.”

“We are able to reach an agreement, we just need the other side to be open. The day before yesterday there were consultations – a confrontation before the European Commission. The Polish and German sides presented their arguments. The Germans mainly used the fact that there was Covid and could not check whether it was really their garbage,” said Anna Moskwa on TVP1, when asked when the Germans would take their waste from Poland. She added that the inscriptions and barcodes on them leave no doubt as to where they come from.

Confrontation with the Germans

The Minister of Climate also reported on the confrontation with Germany that took place before the European Commission. Both sides presented their arguments regarding waste left in Poland.

“This confrontation with Germany was crushing for Germany. Poland was very well prepared substantively. We have proven that each of these landfills is German, that the legal path has been exhausted, and that the owners are German. There are no legal doubts. The Germans were unable to prove in any way that they were not the owners,” said Anna Moskwa. She added that Poland would submit an application to the Court of Justice of the European Union in this matter.

“We appeal to Germany once again before we submit an application to the Court of Justice: there is still a chance for trucks to enter and collect German garbage,” added the minister.

Waste from Germany

At the end of July, Poland filed a complaint with the European Commission against Germany for waste illegally imported to our country. According to the Ministry of Climate, there are 35,000 in Poland. tons of illegal waste abandoned in seven landfills.

The complaint emphasizes that Poland has repeatedly intervened with its western neighbor at the state, federal and “calling for the removal of German garbage that is illegally lying on Polish soil.”

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