Matecki was about to talk about the incident with Jaki. “He cleared things up with him.”

Matecki was about to talk about the incident with Jaki.  “He cleared things up with him.”

Dariusz Matecki climbed to the roof of the Sejm to take a photo of the sunrise. What do his party colleagues, politicians of Sovereign Poland, think about the whole matter? – It’s unbelievable – said Mariusz Gosek at the beginning of the conversation with journalists.

The MP of Sovereign Poland responded in an interview with TVN24. The politician said that Matecki “definitely didn’t go out on the roof,” and if he did, “maybe he took a photo on the shore.” The journalist then made him aware that the MP had already admitted that he was actually on the roof of the Sejm. Gosek then replied that maybe it happened because he “felt inner outrage.”

Mariusz Gosek assures that he is not ashamed of Matecki. – This is my friend and a great reason to be proud – he assures. He added with a smile that those in power “should be watched from land and air.”

“Maybe it bothers some people.”

Gosek also stated that Matecki is a “very hard-working MP.” – He is very active during parliamentary work, which may bother some people – says the MP from the group founded by former Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro.

Wirtualna Polska found out that Matecki talked about the whole matter with the party leader Patryk Jaki. “He clarified the matter with him,” journalists report. The SP MP was to report the event as he would to journalists – he said that he had climbed to the roof of the parliamentary hotel to take a photo of the rising sun. He stood on the balcony, behind the railing. And that’s all.

WP reports unofficially that the SP also wants to find out what the situation is like in the version of the Sejm leadership. Matecki allegedly explains to politicians of the Zbiory party that the whole scandal is simply a “campaign” against him. The portal also contacted one of the SP MPs (a member of the Law and Justice club), who believed that Matecki could harm the party in this way when “we need to focus on the government.” In an unofficial comment on the incident, he also added that the opposition “has its own problems” and the SP MP “is adding more problems”.

“Journalists are calling me”

On Friday, the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, announced that in the morning someone was walking on the roof of the Sejm. Radio ZET soon found out that it was one of the politicians of Sovereign Poland. On June 14, Matecki himself admitted that it was him who walked on the roof – on the X platform he presented a photo of the place he visited, suggesting that it was not as big a deal as the media interpreted it.

“Journalists are calling me. Yes, I was on the roof of the Sejm hotel to take a photo. Once I had done them, I returned to the room. Best regards,” he explained. In another photo, he published a fragment of a video in which Marshal Hołownia walked on the roof in the past – in the presence of cameras. However, the leader of Poland 2020 was there during the day.

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