Preferential energy prices. Energa reminds customers of the rules

Preferential energy prices.  Energa reminds customers of the rules

Customers of Energa Obrot, an Orlen Group company, will be able to buy more electricity at a reduced price. Thanks to the decision, this year the average household will save approximately PLN 3,100 on bills. The latest regulations have also introduced an additional one-time discount for Energa Obrót customers of PLN 125.

The government Solidarity Shield implemented in Poland and used by Energa Obrót guaranteed the freezing of electricity prices to specified consumption limits, at the level of approximately 10 eurocents per kilowatt hour (kWh), i.e. just over 40 groszy (net price). The Solidarity Shield freezing energy prices and rates at last year’s level has been in force since January 2023.

Increased electricity consumption limits

The regulations have just been amended. Thanks to this, the current energy consumption limits, to which frozen energy prices and distribution fee rates apply, will be increased. As a result, an average household will save approximately PLN 3,100 this year. Households inhabited by people with disabilities will save PLN 3,800, and families with the Large Family Card and farmers will save up to PLN 4,200.

Increased electricity consumption limits:

  • from 2,000 kWh to 3,000 kWh for consumers with tariff group G, including households,

  • from 2,600 kWh to 3,600 kWh for households with people with disabilities,

  • from 3,000 kWh to 4,000 kWh for households with the Large Family Card and selected farmers,

  • from 2,000 kWh to 3,000 kWh for consumers consuming energy for the construction of a single-family residential building.

Higher consumption limits will also apply to the above-mentioned recipients if, before the entry into force of the increase in support under the Solidarity Shield, the existing limits were exceeded. It is worth recalling that the electricity consumption limit applies to a given Energy Intake Point (PPE).

It should also be emphasized that the new limits significantly exceed the average electricity consumption, which, according to the Central Statistical Office data (including farms and large families), is at the level of 2,500 kWh per year for an average Polish household.

Extra discount

Another benefit for customers is an additional, one-time discount – according to the regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment, in an amount equal to 12%. the product of the average price of electricity resulting from the tariffs of ex officio suppliers for 2022 published by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, for the G11 tariff, and the energy volume of 2,523 kWh. For Energa Obrót customers it will be PLN 125.

To benefit from the discount, you will need to meet one of the conditions. This includes: consenting to electronic communication or receiving information regarding products and services provided by Energa Obrót. Prosumers can also count on a discount.

What the customer should know

The new consumption limits will be applied automatically to customer billing. In the case of recipients whose current limits were previously exceeded, Energa Obrót will make appropriate corrections to their invoices, taking into account the increased limit levels. Customers do not have to submit additional declarations in this regard.

In the case of a one-off discount, if the customer does not meet any of the conditions, he will receive such an opportunity, e.g. by activating an e-invoice.

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