The most expensive Polish suburbs. Not Konstancin-Jeziorna at all

The most expensive Polish suburbs.  Not Konstancin-Jeziorna at all

The most expensive outskirts in the Tricity agglomeration are Puck and Kosakowo, regardless of the fact that getting to Gdańsk takes over an hour. The highest apartment prices near Warsaw are not dictated by Konstancin-Jeziorna – it's a different story when you take into account the prices of houses in the “Polish Hollywood”, as this commune was once called.

For several years, we have seen a clear outflow of residents from cities to outlying towns. The main reason is lower prices – in a town located just outside the city limits, the price of an apartment per square meter can be up to 30%. lower than two kilometers away, but already within the city limits. The desire to escape from the cramped city to sometimes very well managed – and designed – neighboring communes also plays its part. Often, getting from such a town to the city center takes less time than getting through traffic jams in the city. This is possible thanks to the developed network of ring roads and suburban railways.

The most expensive Polish suburbs

Business Insider checked which suburbs in the country are the most expensive. For this purpose, he used March data provided by The analysis led to several interesting conclusions: in one of the suburban towns the average price of an apartment is higher than in the city (which contradicts the thesis that residents choose it due to lower prices), and Konstancin-Jeziorna is not the most expensive suburb in the country.

Business Insider divided its findings into two categories: apartment and house prices. We will present the first one.

The most expensive suburban town is Milanówek (PLN 13.1 thousand per square meter of apartment). In second place was Puck, with the average apartment price approaching PLN 12,900. PLN per square meter

Over 12 thousand We will also pay PLN per square meter in Kosakowo near Gdynia. Up to the price of PLN 12,000. Pruszków near Warsaw is also approaching PLN per square meter.

“BI” also writes about the “phenomenon” that is Stawiguda near Olsztyn. The average price of the metro there is almost PLN 9.7 thousand, which is about PLN 700 more than in the city itself.

Popularity does not have to be related to quick access

We can get from Milanówek to the center of Warsaw in 30 minutes, and during peak demand, trains run four times an hour. The same line connects the capital with Pruszków. The connection from Puck to Tricity is completely different: the distance to Gdynia is 30 km and you need to reserve 40 minutes to travel by train. By car it can be a few minutes faster – provided there are no traffic jams. Anyone who wants to reach Gdańsk must change trains in Gdynia and the journey will extend to one hour.

There are no trains to Kosakowo. Travelers must travel by car or bus to Rumia and only then change to the train to Gdynia. It takes approximately 50 minutes.

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