The Polish national team avoided the worst! Robert Lewandowski’s nerves were high

The Polish national team avoided the worst! Robert Lewandowski's nerves were high

The Polish national team has its last match at Euro 2024 behind it. The Polish national team drew 1:1 with France after great emotions.

The Polish national team had good moments in the first two group stage matches, but it was not enough to win even one point. First, Michał Probierz’s team lost 1:2 to the Netherlands, and then 1:3 to Austria. This meant that the third match with France was only a duel for honour.

Poland was not afraid of France

The Tricolours were keen to win the match against Poland, because it would give them a chance to take first place in Group D. The first half was good for our team, and the most impressive was the play of Kacper Urbański. The young player confirmed that the ball does not burn him, because he repeatedly entered into dribbles and showed himself to pass to his teammates.

The French didn’t pick up the pace for most of the first half, but when they did enter the penalty area, it was terribly hot. Łukasz Skorupski played brilliantly in goal. After the 40th minute, Kylian Mbappe woke up, looking for combination play, excellently exchanging passes with his teammates. In the meantime, Robert Lewandowski wasted a great chance to score a goal, heading it. This was the best goal opportunity for the Polish team in the first half of the game.

France – Poland. Two penalty kicks

France started the second half with great energy. Mbappe scored again, and Skorupski defended like in a trance. Mbappe got his way in the 56th minute, scoring from a penalty. Earlier, Jakub Kiwior had been careless in the penalty area, fouling Ousmane Dembele.

Later, it seemed that the Tricolours would attack even more, but they did not carry out many actions. In the 72nd minute, the lonely Lewandowski narrowly missed with a shot from distance. It did not take long for the captain of the Polish team to score a goal from a penalty! There were great nerves, because he tried to shoot twice. The first time, Mike Maignan defended his shot, but he left the goal line too quickly with his feet and the penalty was repeated. Our striker did not make a mistake in the second attempt.

After Lewandowski’s goal, the Polish national team started playing a bit more boldly. The fans could have liked that. We had a few corner kicks and tried to create a threat. The French, however, woke up later. Didier Deschamps used all the substitutions quite quickly and Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann appeared on the pitch. Ultimately, the result did not change and the white and reds end the tournament on a positive note. Probierz’s team avoided the worst, i.e. a set of defeats.

France – Poland 1:1 (0:0)

1-0 – Mbappé 56′
1:1 – Lewandowski 79′

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