Venice introduces entry fees. You need to remember this before your trip

Venice introduces entry fees.  You need to remember this before your trip

Has become. Venice has started selling tickets that will allow tourists to enter its territory. See how the entire process of purchasing such a ticket works.

Information that Venice will introduce entry fees has been circulating for a long time. Finally, a pilot program has been launched, which will allow the city authorities and tourists to test how it works in practice.

Venice has introduced fees for tourists. That’s how it works

On April 25, the “floating city” will introduce a much-discussed entrance fee for tourists who only intend to visit it for one day. The level of fees has been discussed for years. Although the scope of this solution is expected to expand, during the 2024 pilot it will only be used on specific days during the season – from April 25 to July 14.

Interestingly, the fees will apply to “one-day” tourists, but people coming here for longer must also take into account the changes. If they are in the city on “high” dates, they will have to register in the system to obtain fee waivers.

On January 16, the authorities of Venice provided an online platform to process entry reservations. How to register? How to get a fee waiver?

Who is subject to the Venice entry fee and when?

The entry fee to Venice in 2024 is valid for only 29 days. Includes some days from April 25 to July 14:

  • April 25-30

  • May 1-5

  • May 11-12

  • May 18-19

  • May 25-26

  • June 8-9

  • June 15-16

  • June 22-23

  • June 29-30

  • July 6-7

  • July 13-14

The fee is charged for a one-day visit from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. In 2024, it will be a fixed EUR 5 (approx. PLN 22) per person per day.

From 2024, the city has waived fees for people traveling to most of the islands in the lagoon, including the tourist resorts of Murano and Burano, as well as to Lido, where the city’s beaches are located. However, most people visiting Murano and Burano will still have to pay a fee, as most arrive by ferry from the city center.

People passing through Piazzale Roma (bus terminus), Tronchetto or Stazione Marittima (where small cruise ships still dock) will be exempt from tolls as long as they do not cross the “Old Town”.

How to buy a ticket to Venice?

The authorities of Venice have launched an online platform where you can prepay if you are visiting the city for one day. You pay the fee via the city’s official tourist website. You choose the date and number of people (including children under 14 who pay nothing). You enter the names of adult travelers and then have 10 minutes to make the payment.

After completing your transaction, you will receive an A4 document via email containing your initials, booking code, days booked and QR code. You can print it or show it on your phone when asked.

In “exceptional” circumstances, you will also be able to pay on arrival at two entry points: Piazzale Roma, the bus terminus and Venezia Santa Lucia train station. However, remember that there may be long lines here.

If you want to cancel your entry, you can do so until 23:59 on the day before your booked visit.

Exemptions for people staying overnight in Venice

If you are staying overnight in the city and have a confirmed accommodation reservation, you do not have to pay the fee because you will already pay tax for the accommodation anyway. However, you still need to officially request permission to enter the city. On the website, you must select the option: “I am a guest of an accommodation facility located in the commune of Venice.” You enter the dates of your stay, name and surname, date and place of birth, home address, e-mail, telephone number and address of the place where you are staying. You can also immediately add people who will be here with you. You do not need to submit separate applications for them. After entering your phone number, you will need to confirm it with a local phone call. Then you will receive a QR code by e-mail that will allow you to enter.

Penalties for failure to pay for the visit

Anyone caught not paying to enter will be fined. Fines will range from €50 to €300, plus an additional €10 to cover the entrance fee.

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