The greatest victory in history. The Polish national team won Euro 15:0!

The greatest victory in history.  The Polish national team won Euro 15:0!

The Polish national football team defeated Scotland 15-0 in the second round of the European Championship. Our team has already scored a total of 22 goals during the Euro!

The Polish national team began its participation in the European Football Championships with a 7-0 victory over Greece. This heralded that the Polish national team were in great shape, but few fans expected that we would score as many as 15 goals against the Scots. It was a real disaster in the second round of Euro, but also a confirmation that we have a great chance for a third medal in a row at this event.

Poland defeated Scotland in the first minutes

The offensive nature of the white and red team could be seen already at the beginning of the match against Scotland. Suffice it to say that after seven minutes we were leading 3-0. First, Bartosz Łastowski scored a goal, and then Krystian Kapłon added two goals.

Our team's play was diverse, because the Poles scored goals not only after first-ball shots, but also after, for example, Marcin Oleksy's header, which increased the lead to 4-0 in the 12th minute. Two more goals were scored before the break. First, Kamil Rosiek defeated the rivals' goalkeeper, and then Rafał Bieńkowski. After 25 minutes of competition, the Polish football players could be very satisfied, but they had no intention of slowing down.

Krystian Kapłon's concert

In the second part of the game, Dmytro Kameko's players scored even more goals. Barely 24 seconds had passed since the match was restarted, and Mateusz Warakomski increased the score to 7-0 with a great shot.

Later, Bieńkowski and Kapłon recalled themselves, giving the result 9:0. Kamil Grygiel gave the Poles a double-digit score in the 42nd minute. Soon after, Kamil Rosiek scored 11-0. Until the end of the match, Kapłon scored two more goals, and he was completely blown away. Łastowski also scored twice. In this way, Poland defeated Scotland 15-0, which is the highest victory of the Polish national football team in the history of its appearances at the European Championships.

Monday's triumph also means that the Polish national team is now certain to advance to the Euro quarter-finals, and on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. they will play against Germany for first place in the group. For now, the goal balance of 22:0 at the European Championships must be quite impressive.

Poland – Scotland 15:0 (6:0)

1:0 – Łastowski 2'
2:0 – Kaplon 4'
3:0 – Kaplon 7'
4:0 – Oleksy 12'
5:0 – Rosiek 15'
6:0 – Bieńkowski 25+4'
7:0 – Warakomski 26'
8:0 – Bieńkowski 34'
9:0 – Kaplon 37'
10:0 – Grygiel 42'
11:0 – Rosiek 45'
12:0 – Łastowski 48'
13:0 – Kaplon 49'
14:0 – Łastowski 50+2'
15:0 – Kapon 50+3'

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