Michał Gierżot for “Wprost”: I hope I will make a big surprise

Michał Gierżot for "Wprost": I hope I will make a big surprise

The Polish volleyball team has been preparing for the national team season in Spała since the beginning of May. Michał Gierżot shared his observations for “Wprost”.

There is no doubt that the volleyball player who plays for PSG Stal Nysa on a daily basis is one of the greatest (literally and figuratively) talents of Polish volleyball in recent years. Michał Gierżot, together with the team led by coach Daniel Pliński, reached the PlusLiga play-off phase for the second season in a row. Now it's time to work in the Polish national team.

Michał Gierżot about the change of position and the Olympics in Paris

It is worth recalling that Gierżot has a successful history of playing in Polish youth national teams. The volleyball player born in 2001 certainly still has a lot of playing at a high level ahead of him. Playing for Stal in Nysa, the tall player may evoke certain associations with Bartosz Kurek, who also took serious steps in volleyball there many years ago.

In retrospect, “Kuraś” decided to change his position from receiver to attacker, to the benefit of the volleyball player himself and the results, among others. Polish national team. What does Gierżot think about such an analogy to Kurek, looking back on his sports path?

– If someone hypothetically told me today that in five years you would be the best attacker in the world, but you wouldn't have as much fun doing it as you do now at a party, I would never go for it. People forget about it. We sit in the volleyball halls, talk about professionalism, results, pressure. We talk a lot about what is happening on the pitch, but I think that little is said and the players talk about what is outside it. I have a lot of fun playing at the party – admitted the host of the national team and PSG Stal Nysa in an interview for “Wprost”.

The talented receiver was also asked about the prospect of the upcoming Games in Paris. Does he dream of going to the French capital as a representative?

– I think I would seem unambitious if I said: No, Paris is not, but Los Angeles is. I'm here, I'm giving it my all. The coach is responsible for deciding who will fly and where. I know my place in the row so that I won't be too far ahead now. I hope to make quite a surprise here. It will show well. I want to give everything I have. If that's not enough, I don't play at least one match, then I will understand. I'll take it on my chin. But I will be able to stand in front of myself and say that I did everything to go to these Olympics – added Gierżot at the start of the national team training camp for the 2024 season.

When are the first matches of the Polish national volleyball team?

The first official test for the Polish national volleyball team is a friendly two-match match that will be played in the Silesian Voivodeship. The Poles will start with a match against the Germans (coach Michał Winiarski) in Spodek in Katowice on May 15. It will be a meeting as part of the Volleyball Walk of Fame.

A day later (i.e. May 16), the volleyball players will play against the Ukrainian national team. This time the arena of the competition will be ArcelorMittal Park in Sosnowiec. Then the Poles will start a series of matches in the Nations League. The final tournament of the VNL will take place in Łódź, the game for the most important prizes of this competition is scheduled for June 27-30.

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