This is what Polish women's competition at the Olympic Games may look like. Group of death or dreams?

This is what Polish women's competition at the Olympic Games may look like.  Group of death or dreams?

Polish volleyball players are storming through the Nations League. Good results are reflected in the FIVB ranking. If a draw were to take place today, the White and Reds may have mixed feelings.

The Polish national team finished the second Nations League tournament undefeated and leading in the table. As a result, they have a record of 8 victories and are practically certain of advancing to the final tournament in Bangkok. Thanks to their great series, Stefano Lavarini's players have jumped up in the FIVB ranking and are currently in third place. However, this is not the end of their possibilities.

We know the potential baskets before the Olympic volleyball tournament

The FIVB ranking after the last tournament of the regular phase of the 2024 Nations League will decide who will join the group of seven teams with guaranteed Olympic qualification. As of today, it seems that Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Kenyan (as the best team from Africa) and the Dutch will also fly to Paris or Canadian women. The last mentioned nations are fighting each other for the last place awarded with promotion.

After the second week of VNL 2024, the Dutch are slightly higher, but the situation may change after the third tournament. However, if the Olympic tournament groups were drawn now, the Polish team, as the third team in the world, would be selected from the second basket. This is due to the fact that in the first basket (there will be three teams in each of the four), the hosts from France automatically take first place. After them there are Turkish and Brazilian women, who are ahead of Polish women.

The White and Reds form the second basket together with the Italians and Americans, which means that in this situation they would not face these teams in the group phase. The third basket consists of Japanese, Chinese and Serbian women, and the last basket consists of Dutch, Dominican and Kenyan women.

A potential group of dreams and deaths of Polish volleyball players

A potential dream group in this situation would be to draw Poland into a group with the French and Kenyans. Both teams are outside the top of the FIVB rankings. In turn, a group with the well-performing Brazilians and the Dominican and Serbian/Japanese teams would be a difficult challenge.

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