This may be the reason for Poles’ poor jumps. Adam Małysz becomes suspicious

This may be the reason for Poles' poor jumps.  Adam Małysz becomes suspicious

Polish jumpers disappoint fans at the beginning of the World Cup season. None of the White and Reds’ representatives even reached the top fifteen in one of the three competitions. Adam Małysz diagnoses the problem of Thomas Thurnbichler’s players, paying attention to the technological war.

Polish jumpers are not giving reasons for satisfaction either to themselves or to their fans so far. After an optimistic summer, Thomas Thurnbichler’s players were counting on a much better start to the season. While Stefan Kraft’s dominance is not a huge surprise (because the Austrian has been among the world’s best for years), the poor results of the White and Reds are.

Adam Małysz diagnoses the problems of Polish jumpers

Although we have already completed three World Cup competitions (two in Ruka and one in Lillehammer), none of the Poles have reached the top fifteen yet. In the general classification, the highest position is occupied by Dawid Kubacki, who is in 24th place with eighteen points. Both the jumpers and the staff say they are very surprised and are desperately looking for a solution to the matter.

Currently, Austria and Germany divide and rule the World Cup. According to the president of the Polish Ski Association, the reason for this is the technological advantage in the equipment. Although Poles also have no reason to complain, as the costumes were designed by the renowned Mathias Hafele, Adam Małysz believes that the White and Reds “have fallen behind” compared to the two countries.

– Not only can you see something in the approach position, they (Poles – ed.) leave the threshold quite slowly. This is another hardware thing. It still seems that we have one of the better specialists, so it’s a surprise that we could be left behind – said Małysz during the TVN studio after the first competition in Lillehammer. – Thomas Thurnbichler didn’t say anything about it, but I think there may be a hardware problem. Because it is unbelievable that Austrians and Germans dominate so much. There are neither Poles nor Norwegians – added the helmsman of the Polish Ski Association.

Poles will fight for further points in the World Cup

The next opportunity to break through will come on Sunday afternoon during the second competition in Lillehammer. In the last competition, three Poles (Paweł Wąsek, Piotr Żyła and Kamil Stoch) advanced to the second series.

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