The former Atletico player defended Robert Lewandowski. He gave him one piece of advice

The former Atletico player defended Robert Lewandowski.  He gave him one piece of advice

Robert Lewandowski had another colorless performance for FC Barcelona. There were even speculations that he would be sold. Former Atletico player Roman Kosecki defended the 35-year-old. He also gave him one piece of advice.

FC Barcelona won 1-0 against Atletico Madrid thanks to a goal by Joao Felix. Unfortunately, Robert Lewandowski had an unsuccessful individual performance. He wasted several good opportunities and extended his series without scoring a goal, which has lasted since November 12. This situation has led to speculation in the Spanish media that Blaugrana is increasingly thinking about the transfer of “Lewy”. — If I were to shoot, Lewandowski will not go through the pre-season with Barcelona in the summer. He lowered the quality in matches, but it is also visible in training. The club is seriously considering selling him in the summer and this is the reason for internal disputes. However, let us remember that his salary increases every season and offers from Arabia are attractive to Barcelona, ​​said journalist Jose Alvarez in the “El Chiringuito” program.

The former football player defended Robert Lewandowski

Roman Kosecki, a former footballer and player of clubs such as Osasuna and Atletico, defended the captain of the Polish national team in WP SportoweFakty. – Robert from Atletico started the match well, he had one or two chances. However, it is not easy to play against Atletico defenders. It’s an aggressive, very well-organized defense, he said.

– I wouldn’t judge Robert so harshly. I think he is still a useful player for Barcelona and will continue to score goals. It was a fighting game against Atletico and it’s a pity he didn’t score because he had his chances, he added.

Roman Kosecki gave one piece of advice to Robert Lewandowski

According to Kosecki, such meetings happen to footballers of this caliber. – These are only people, they are not machines. In a moment, Robert will score one or the other goal and there will be a different conversation again. Of course, when something doesn’t work out, there is immediate criticism, but you have to be resilient and work hard. This will get him in shape, he continued.

– Everyone expects him to score goals non-stop, and when the striker gets stuck, there is immediate criticism, people point out his age, people look for flaws in the whole thing… I only have one piece of advice: don’t worry about any criticism, he concluded.

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