Mateusz Morawiecki faces a difficult task. Even Janusz Kowalski refused

Mateusz Morawiecki faces a difficult task.  Even Janusz Kowalski refused

Mateusz Morawiecki was given the mission to form a new government. However, PiS politicians are not eager to join his cabinet. Janusz Kowalski, for example, does not want to be a minister.

On Monday evening, President Andrzej Duda entrusted Mateusz Morawiecki with the mission of forming a new government, although PiS does not have the required majority. This was confirmed by votes during the first day of the Sejm session, when the new majority chose its candidate for Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Chamber.

Prime Minister with another mission to form a government

– In my deepest belief, it was a good eight years for Poland. You were in the government for eight whole years, you were prime minister for six years, and previously you were finance minister and deputy prime minister. (…) The vast majority of commitments have been fulfilled (…) I believe that the Prime Minister will form it (the Council of Ministers – ed.) (…) not only within the framework of the United Right, but in a broader parliamentary agreement – said the president.

Since then, Morawiecki has 14 days to present the composition of the government. – I bet that it will be between the 12th and 14th day of this deadline – announced government spokesman Piotr Muller. He also informed that its composition “will certainly not be identical to the government that is currently functioning.”

PiS politicians do not want Morawiecki to join the cabinet

Assembling the composition of the new government may not be an easy task. “Fakty TVN” asked United Right politicians whether they would like to sit in Morawiecki’s new cabinet. It turns out that they are not eager to be candidates for ministers in a government that has no chance of obtaining a vote of confidence.

– If such a proposal were made, but such a proposal certainly will not be made – answered MP Anna Kwiecień. The current Minister of Digitization, Janusz Cieszyński, avoided answering, pointing out that it is the Prime Minister who selects his collaborators. – But maybe Minister Śliwka, who is here, will come in – he pointed to his colleague.

Janusz Kowalski from Solidarna Polska also does not want to join the government. – Let’s wait to see what Prime Minister Morawiecki will negotiate. I wish him good luck, he said. When asked if he could join the new office, he replied “no”.

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