Nearly PLN 8,000 fine for entering a forbidden beach. The influencer will pay for her mistake

Nearly PLN 8,000 fine for entering a forbidden beach.  The influencer will pay for her mistake

The tourist broke strict rules and boasted about it on Instagram. He will pay 1,800 euros for illegally entering the “pink beach” in Italy.

It was certainly the most expensive trip to the beach in the life of a Brazilian tourist living in Dubai. The influencer, who publishes on Instagram under the nickname @Rogeriaguiadubai, showed off a photo from the closed pink beach of Spiaggia Rosa in Sardinia, where she arrived on a pontoon under the care of the guards. The woman’s observers reported the case to the police, who fined the tourist 1,800 euros.

The beach is closed to tourists

Sharing travel photos online can get us into trouble. Some popular tourist attractions prohibit the taking and distribution of photographs, others do not even allow visitors entry. A Brazilian influencer living in Dubai, who decided to spend her holidays in Italy, found out how dangerous it can be to share your adventures online. A tourist who publishes under the name @Rogeriaguiadubai went to Spiaggia Rosa beach, on the small island of Budelli off the coast of Sardinia. The woman was not discouraged by the fact that the place was closed to visitors under pain of severe punishment. Rogeria arrived at the swimming area famous for its fine, pink sand in a pontoon and was lucky to remain unnoticed by the guards who patrol the area. However, her joy lasted for a while.

Fine for entering the beach

The tourist did not keep the secret only to herself. She shared photos from the forbidden beach on Instagram with over 35,000 followers. It didn’t take long for them to react. The videos and photos shared by the woman were sent to the police, who fined the careless tourist a hefty fine. Spiaggia Rosa beach was closed to visitors last year due to environmental threats from overtourism. To save the natural beauty of the area, fines for tourists ranging from 500 to even 3,500 euros were introduced. The Brazilian influencer was fined EUR 1,800 (approximately PLN 7.8 thousand) and then hid her Instagram account as a private profile.

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