Maldives 85 percent cheaper? Going away during these months will save you money

Maldives 85 percent cheaper?  Going away during these months will save you money

How to visit popular places much cheaper? Just go to them in the right months. Taking care of this thing will make you pay up to 85% for your holiday. cheaper.

It’s no secret that travel has become significantly more expensive in recent years. The reasons for this can be attributed to many factors, but it does not mean that many people have fewer opportunities to travel or go to their dream places for a shorter period of time. However, there are ways that will allow us to visit popular places cheaper. Specialists argue that it is enough to visit them in specific months.

How to save on travel? The choice of the month of departure is important

According to a 2023 Bankrate study, the average cost of a week-long U.S. vacation for one person is $1,984. The same vacation for two people comes to $3,969. This is a large amount, but many people are willing to pay it just to experience exploring the world. Study after study also shows that traveling can improve our overall health. So what should you do to be able to travel a lot and cheaply? You just need to focus on trips at the right time.

In late 2023, Bounce, a luggage storage company, revealed the results of its study on the cheapest dates to visit some of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

The brand analyzed 70 popular tourist destinations. Then, using the Kayak app, she calculated the average daily cost of the hotel by month of the year and day of the week (data as of November 16, 2023). Later, based on these data, she calculated the difference in the average price of accommodation in a three-star hotel in the cheapest and most expensive month of the year.

After analyzing the data, Bounce found that there are “clear seasonal trends when it comes to travel costs,” noting that “January is the cheapest month in 15 different cities.” This includes popular destinations such as London, Amsterdam and Berlin. According to Bounce, traveling in February will be profitable in the case of 12 other cities – then the cheapest is, among others: in New York, Paris and Milan.

Maldives 85 percent cheaper? It’s possible

It turns out that you can also save a lot on extremely expensive trips. We are talking, for example, about trips to the Maldives. Travelers who decide to go to Malé, the capital of the archipelago, can save up to 85 percent if they arrive between January and August.

What about the cheapest days? A surprise awaits us here. It noted that “contrary to popular belief, Saturday is the cheapest day to stay in 17 cities.” For example, we are talking about a trip to Las Vegas, Dublin and Milan. “This may be due to a variety of factors, including lower demand for weekend business travel. It was also the most common cheapest day in the 2022 analysis.”

Sunday, Friday and Monday were the second cheapest days to travel to 10 different cities, including Prague, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Singapore and Miami.

On the other hand, Bounce has discovered that traveling in winter and autumn can result in the most expensive accommodation, e.g. in Thailand. In places such as Athens, Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​hotel prices reached their highest prices in September.

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