Maciej Wąsik left the prosecutor's office. “I do not accept the allegations”

Maciej Wąsik left the prosecutor's office.  "I do not accept the allegations"

Maciej Wąsik appeared at the prosecutor's office. – This is an illegal activity, I am an MP and I do not accept the allegations – he said after leaving office. He assured that he would pursue his rights.

Maciej Wąsik appeared at the prosecutor's office just before 12:00. After several minutes, he left the office building and answered journalists' questions. – I treat it as political repression on the part of the ruling camp. I am an MP, I have documents to prove it, he said.

Maciej Wąsik in the prosecutor's office

The politician referred to, among others: to the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn the decision of the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, to terminate the mandates of him and Mariusz Kamiński. – No other chamber commented on my case. According to the law, it is this chamber that should deal with such matters. And she took care of it, Wąsik continued.

The PiS member confirmed that the prosecutor's office summoned him with the intention of pressing charges against him. “I didn't acknowledge them,” he said. He informed that he had previously asked a representative of the office about the resolution of the Sejm to waive his parliamentary immunity, but the prosecutor did not have such a document.

“Donald Tusk's personal revenge”

– I made a statement saying that this was an illegal activity, that I was an MP and that I did not accept the allegations – he reported. He also answered a question from one of the journalists about how he thought “this tussle” would end. – It will end with the defeat of the ruling camp, because it simply resembles martial law – he said.

Wąsik argued that the attacks were aimed not only at him and Kamiński, but also at his family. – My wife is facing disciplinary proceedings at work precisely because she defended her husband – he said, referring to the protests against putting politicians in prison. – We treat this as repression by the ruling camp, as Donald Tusk's personal revenge, and we will pursue our rights in the future, he assured.

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