Over 600 dead after Hamas attack. Israel triggers special clause for the first time in 50 years

Over 600 dead after Hamas attack.  Israel triggers special clause for the first time in 50 years

At least 600 people died on the Israeli side after the Hamas attack. The death toll on the Gaza Strip is at least 370, and 2,200. people were injured. The Israeli government approved martial law.

According to Israeli media reports, the death toll following the Hamas attack exceeded 600. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN that the US is trying to verify reports that several of its citizens have died. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that at least 370 people were killed and over 2,200 injured in the Gaza Strip. people. Hamas took Israelis and foreigners hostage. According to the Israeli government, there are over 100 people.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that “the political security cabinet approved martial law on Saturday evening, and thus the initiation of significant military operations, which is in accordance with Art. 40 of the Basic Government Law. “The war, which was forced on the State of Israel in a murderous terrorist attack from the Gaza Strip, began yesterday at 6 a.m.,” it added.

Hamas attacked Israel. Iran supports the right to defend itself

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is in contact with the leaders of the Palestinian militias: Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Details of the conversation were not disclosed, the BBC reported. Iran supported Palestine’s right to self-defense, emphasizing that “the Zionist regime and its supporters are responsible for the instability in the region,” Tasnim news agency reported.

Meanwhile, Israel continues its retaliatory attacks on the Gaza Strip with no sign of stopping. Israel said it carried out more than 400 attacks targeting Hamas infrastructure. Netanyahu warned citizens of the Strip to leave the region as his troops intend to “reduce” the militant areas to rubble. The head of the Israeli government talked with the leaders of Germany, Ukraine, Italy and Great Britain. They all expressed support for the defense of Israel.

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