Lidl in Germany sells… iPhones. They are cheaper than in Poland

Apple will repair iPhone 12. The smartphone emits too much radiation

I guess no one expected that the German Lidl would start selling relatively new iPhone models at very bargain prices in its online store.

We wouldn’t have expected this. German Lidl surprised everyone by offering relatively new iPhone models at very good prices in its online store. I don’t think anyone in the world would suspect that in a chain of discount grocery stores, the Apple smartphones desired by many people will be available cheaper than in many specialized sales points on the Polish market. And yet.

iPhone available for purchase in the German Lidl

I wonder if we will ever see similar offers in Poland, because the offer from beyond our western border is very attractive. In its online store, the German Lidl suddenly placed four iPhone models that could be ordered in all available colors.

iPhone 12 64 GB for EUR 499, iPhone 12 5G for EUR 499, iPhone 13 for EUR 599, iPhone 14 Plus for EUR 949 – this is exactly what the top prices of iPhones were. Very attractive, isn’t it? After converting them into Polish zlotys, at the current exchange rate, it turns out that in Lidl in Germany, Apple smartphones are available for several hundred zlotys more than in Polish electronics stores.

Offer only for Germans

What’s more, you could also buy iPads there. And that’s right – “you could”, because the entire stock of devices with the apple logo was exhausted very quickly. However, before you start kicking yourself and despairing because you think you missed the opportunity of a lifetime, let us just add that the Lidl online store in Germany does not ship its products abroad anyway. So there is probably no question that a German-Polish tragedy has just happened.

Meanwhile, Lidl in Poland is preparing to launch a promotion, under which you will also be able to buy the Monsieur Cuisine Connect kitchen robot, i.e. the popular Lidlomix, at a bargain price. The German discount chain apparently follows the principle that “there’s something for everyone.”

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