ChatGPT has stopped working. The authors suspect a hacker attack

ChatGPT has stopped working.  The authors suspect a hacker attack

After yesterday’s failure of its AI chatbot ChatGPT, OpenAI suspects that hackers may have been behind the incident. The authors of the service pointed out that the recent events resemble a cyber attack.

The unexpected failure of the ChatGPT tool surprised both Internet users and the service provider itself. Now OpenAI suggests that cybercriminals may have been behind the recent irregularities. What is it about?

ChatGPT stopped working – AI chatbot crashed

On Wednesday afternoon, the hugely popular ChatGPT service was struggling with huge problems. Approx. At 15:00 Polish time, users began to notice messages stating that the chatbot was “at the limit of capacity”. The official website monitoring the status spoke of a “major failure”.

Minor and major problems with the platform lasted for several hours. On Thursday morning, the messages only mention “periodic failures” affecting both ChatuGPT and the API interface.

Initially, OpenAI was convinced that the problems were related to increased user interest, as suggested by the company’s CEO, Sam Altman. Just on Monday, the company announced the introduction of a new AI GPT-4 Turbo model and other additions to the service.

ChatGPT fell victim to DDoS? Authors about the incident

Now, however, the developers mention the detection of “an abnormal pattern of activity that may be consistent with a DDoS attack.” Distributed Denial of Service attacks do not involve taking over data from servers, but they prevent websites from functioning by “clogging” them with a huge number of requests to access content.

OpenAI representatives also said that they “continue to work to alleviate the problems” of the platform. Data from Down Detector, a website that tracks internet outages, suggests that ChatGPT has experienced several waves of outages since Wednesday, each of them being slightly smaller.

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