Winter is on the horizon… Time for an air conditioner!

Winter is on the horizon... Time for an air conditioner!

We associate air conditioning mainly with pleasant coolness on hot days. However, not everyone knows that air conditioners – from a technological point of view – are air-to-air heat pumps. These devices are therefore great as a source of heat, especially in transitional periods, such as spring or autumn. What’s more, there are also those available for sale that will heat efficiently even in winter!

Air conditioners They work by taking heat from a lower temperature environment to transfer it to a higher temperature environment. This operation is most often used in summer to, for example, take heat from a room at 25°C and release it to the outside air at 35°C. The goal, of course, is to cool the room. However, this can be reversed and used in winter, so that heat is drawn from the outside air and transferred to the room. The result will be heating of the apartment. Importantly, each Gree split air conditioner has the ability to reverse the operating mode without any additional controllers, modules or improvements. This is an option offered to users as standard.

Air conditioners designed for heating, such as the Gree Amber Prestige model, are equipped with a two-stage compressor, which means they can heat rooms even when it is -30 degrees Celsius outside, still operating energy-savingly and working very efficiently. Its energy class in both heating and cooling is A+++.

When buying an air conditioner that you want to use for heating, you should pay attention to the COP. This is a parameter that determines the heating efficiency. The higher it is, the better. For example, with a COP of 5.0, the air conditioner will consume 1 kW of electrical power to release 5 kW of heat into the room. The equivalent of such a coefficient for the cooling mode is EER, i.e. the cooling efficiency coefficient.

When talking about heating with an air conditioner, it is worth emphasizing that for the purchase and installation of air conditioning as a heating source, we can benefit from funding from pro-ecological programs such as Moje Prąd 5.0, Moje Ciepło or Clean Air. This will significantly reduce the final costs of such a project.

Efficient and effective heating is not the only requirement we can place on modern air conditioners. Let’s look at these devices from a broader perspective and see what else they can offer us to ensure comfort all year round.

Energy-saving and intelligent operation

In the light of rising electricity bills, efficient and energy-saving operation is the first criterion we pay attention to. When choosing an air conditioner, it is worth checking parameters such as the energy class of the device and its efficiency. What new generation air conditioners offer is additional energy saving functionwhich allows the device to operate with reduced electricity consumption, which in turn results in lower operating costs of the device.

However, it is a revolution in terms of optimizing the operation of an air conditioner G-AI technology, which is equipped with the latest Gree Clivia model. This technology uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes the device’s operating history and various data from the environment in real time. Thanks to this, the Clivia air conditioner can dynamically adjust its operation and select the optimal energy saving strategy. The longer the algorithm is used, the more precisely it can adapt to the working environment and user needs. To put it simply, the device learns our habits – e.g. what temperature we most often set, what hours we use the air conditioning – and on this basis, it adjusts its operation to provide us with the best conditions and consume the least amount of electricity.

In the Clivia model, Gree engineers combined changes in temperature, humidity and energy efficiency in such a way as to achieve optimal values ​​for each of these parameters simultaneously. In cooling mode, the air conditioner controls the relative humidity of the air in the room, thereby protecting the skin and respiratory tract from excessive drying.

Clean air and air conditioning

New generation air conditioners ensure not only the thermal comfort in our rooms, but also the quality of the air we breathe. In addition to standard filters that capture large pollutants, such as dust or animal hair, they can be equipped with additional antibacterial or catalytic filters. The devices also have built-in air ionizers that produce negative ions and help effectively fight microorganisms. In turn, UV lamps use ultraviolet radiation inside the device to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from the air.

The health-promoting functions are complemented by an innovative self-cleaning technology, thanks to which the user can independently start the automatic cleaning process of the indoor unit’s heat exchanger. In the first cooling stage, the device condenses moisture on the heat exchanger to remove impurities from its surface. It then stops the fan and freezes the condensed moisture. This allows dust and particles to bind between the fins and then defrost the exchanger by rinsing them to drain the condensate. At the last stage, the exchanger is dried. This function allows you to easily keep the device clean, eliminating the risk of developing molds and fungi that are hazardous to health, which translates into high quality of the supplied air.

Smart home, i.e. comfort above all

Comfort and convenience are closely related to a modern air conditioning system, so the ability to control the device via an application is no longer surprising. All wall models and many commercial Gree models have this option as standard. In line with smart home trends, most new generation air conditioners can be connected to an integrated building management system – BMS. Thanks to this, we can control, for example, air conditioning, window blinds or lighting using one panel.

When it comes to comfort, it should be noted that modern air conditioners are extremely quiet. The volume of the internal unit at a level of up to 19dB(A) is comparable to the sound of leaves in the wind, which means that we can install it in the bedroom without any worries. Today, an outdoor unit located next to other buildings is no longer a problem – in models such as Gree Clivia, the noise is reduced to 40 dB(A) during night operation.

Matched to the interior

Today’s air conditioners, packed with technology and cutting-edge functions, must also meet users’ high expectations in terms of appearance. The variety of shapes, colors and textures of external panels allows you to match them to the style of the entire apartment. The market offers devices with matte and glossy finishes, glass panels, brushed and striped textures. Many models are available in several color options, such as the Gree Fairy model, available in the Dark version, Silver in a matte finish and in the White version in classic white. Details are also important here, such as matching the color of the remote control in the Gree Clivia Navy Blue model to the navy blue panel of the device.

To sum up, when choosing an air conditioner, it is worth remembering that it is a device that will ensure our comfort all year round. And that its technological advancement today goes much beyond standard cooling. At the same time, technology goes hand in hand with a designer look that follows interior design trends.

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