Lenin is alive! The hologram gives instructions on how to become a communist

Lenin is alive!  The hologram gives instructions on how to become a communist

Lenin cannot count on posthumous peace. This time he was recalled from beyond the grave by young Russian communists. The leader of the October Revolution returned as a hologram.

Sunday, October 29, marks the 105th anniversary of the founding of the Komsomol. On this occasion, the 7th Reporting and Electoral Congress of the Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation is held. The organization directly refers to the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union and is currently the youth wing of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Russian communists, wanting to keep up with the times, resorted to technological development driven by capitalism, thanks to which the young people attending the event could be welcomed by Vladimir Lenin himself.

Lenin lives forever

– Of course, we must tell ourselves that one cannot become a communist without assimilating what human knowledge has accumulated. I repeat, it would be a mistake to think that it is enough to learn communist slogans… without acquiring the sum of knowledge, the consequence of which is communism itself – argued the hologram Bolshevik leader.

The Russian propaganda news agency RIA Novosti emphasizes in its reports that Lenin, recalled from the afterlife, received a standing ovation. The young communists were said to have shouted joyfully: “Lenin! Party! Komsomol!” and there was no end to the smiles.

After the star of the evening generated using a hologram, the current leader of Russian communists, Gennady Zyuganov, also spoke. – Today we have the seventh Komsomol congress, and from the first day the Communist Party of Russia has been ensuring that young people are brought up in the best traditions of our thousand-year-old rule – he argued.

As part of the official opening of the congress, the participants sang “The Internationale” as a group. According to Russian media reports, young communists from the Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine also took part in the event.

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