Mazurek published a private message from the KO MP. “There are no cliques like TV Republika”

Mazurek published a private message from the KO MP.  "There are no cliques like TV Republika"

An unusual exchange of words between the KO MP and the co-creators of Kanał Zero. Krzysztof Stanowski called Robert Mazurek, who showed the recording of the conversation with Marcin Józefaciuk.

Krzysztof Stanowski invited us to Kanał Zero for a debate on the green deal. One of the Internet users asked what about the interview with Marcin Józefaciuk. “My popcorn is about to expire, I'll sue you for my money back,” joked user X. Suddenly, an MP from the Civic Coalition replied to him. “Exactly. I think he's a little afraid,” Józefaciuk said.

Then Stanowski mentioned Robert Mazurek, one of the hosts at Channel Zero. “The MP reports that you are afraid of him (even though he canceled the announced interview, but for the purposes of the invitation you can pretend it was the other way around),” he ironized.

Józefaciuk: I make basic mistakes and start talking nonsense

“I was in a cold sweat, but I invited the MP again,” wrote Mazurek, and in the next entry he confirmed that the invitation had been sent. The journalist also attached a screenshot showing the exchange of messages with Józefaciuk. “Dear Mr. Editor. I feel like I need to slow down. I make basic mistakes and start talking nonsense. Please forgive me, but I'm canceling our meeting. I hope for your understanding. Marcin Józefaciuk” – we read.

The MP from the Civic Coalition replied that, as you can see, Channel Zero “lacks cliques just like Telewizja Republika.” “Hit the table with scissors and they will respond. I wrote to Krzysztof Stanowski and Robert Mazurek and they immediately upload it to the X platform. A new journalistic standard? However, there is a level… Please remember this. You are an editor, you are a human being. Kisses,” Józefaciuk wrote.

“Dear MP, you set the standard for communicating via X! We wrote text messages, talked, and now you are complaining publicly that we do not want to invite you, suggesting that we lack courage. I only agree to your conditions of far-reaching transparency,” concluded Robert Mazurek.

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