TVP defends itself against liquidation. Application to amend the statute in the National Court Register

TVP defends itself against liquidation.  Application to amend the statute in the National Court Register

Telewizja Polska submitted an application to the National Court Register to amend the company’s statute. This concerns the provision regarding putting it into liquidation.

At the end of November, Onet reported that the then Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński, wanted to thwart plans for changes in TVP’s management. Piotr Gliński sent a letter to the National Media Council in which he asked for permission to make changes to the statutes of TVP, PAP and Polish Radio.

Change in the statute of TVP. Key provision regarding liquidation

The Ministry of Culture informed the portal that “sending an application to register an amendment to the company’s statute to the National Court Register falls within the competence of the company’s management board.” According to his findings, Telewizja Publiczna has already submitted this application to the National Court Register.

The statutes of TVP and other public media companies are to include the following provision: “In the event of opening of liquidation, all members of the Management Board and the head of the organizational unit of the Company dealing with legal services are the liquidators. During the liquidation period, the cooperation of two liquidators, including one who is a member of the last Management Board, is required to submit declarations on behalf of the Company.

Marek Rutka, member of the National Media Council and former MP of the Left, said that “this is an act to the detriment of the minister himself, because with this decision he limits his competences.” – This is very puzzling – he said.

Recently, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on TVP Info that PiS will defend public media against changes. According to the Prime Minister, TVP journalists tried “under enormous fire to show a different point of view” and “to illuminate a certain part of the political, economic or social scene that had not been illuminated before.”

– You did a really great job. Keep doing it. We will try to defend you to the end, regardless of our role. Because in this way we defend the right to free speech, and as our poet said, “I will not give up free thought for anything” and we will not give up this free thought, Morawiecki said.

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