The creators of Gothic have financial problems. They made an appeal to fans from Poland

The creators of Gothic have financial problems.  They made an appeal to fans from Poland

Rumors about the allegedly planned closure of the Piranha Bytes studio, the creators of the cult Ghotic, have been circulating on the Internet for several days. Is there really something going on?

Gothic is one of those games that can boast a large community of loyal players in Poland who have been following all news about the game itself and the plans of its creators for years. Recently, however, dark clouds have begun to gather over the Piranha Bytes studio, as there are even reports that the creators of the cult computer game may even have to go out of business.

The creators of Gothic appeal to fans from Poland

The issue got so hot in our country that people from Piranha Bytes decided to issue a special statement, which was even translated into Polish with Polish Gothic fans in mind. It turns out that recently the studio has indeed been going through a difficult period in terms of organization and finances, but at the same time its employees are asking the Polish community not to “write them off just yet.”

“Dear Fans, yes, it’s true. We, Pirahna Bytes, are in a difficult situation. Our response to all the reports currently circulating online is this: don’t write us off! We do everything we can to continue to create unique games with worlds you can get lost in. This has always been on our hearts. (…) Now we are focusing all our efforts on this goal and we will do everything in our power to find a partner for our projects,” we read in the official statement of Piranha Bytes, which was published on CD-Action.

The studio needs to find a business partner

The previous publishing partner for Piranha Games was Embracer Group, which has recently been clearly focusing on slimming down its portfolio. We can only guess at the reasons for closing down subsequent game development teams, but it is clear that this is what it is always about when you don’t know what it is about. That is, about money.

We keep our fingers crossed for Piranha Bytes!

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