Krzysztof Stanowski gave a sharp answer to Tomasz Hajcie. He pointed it out painfully

Krzysztof Stanowski gave a sharp answer to Tomasz Hajcie.  He pointed it out painfully

Krzysztof Stanowski decided to respond to Tomasz Hacie in connection with the interview given by the former Polish representative. The journalist did not pinch his tongue and at the same time mocked the 51-year-old.

It has long been known that neither Tomasz Hajto nor Krzysztof Stanowski are people who pinch their tongues. As a result, in recent days there has been a public exchange of views between them, in which they have not spared each other bitter words.

Tomasz Hajto took a ride on Krzysztof Stanowski

It all started with an interview that the former football player gave shortly after his fight in Clout MMA with Zbigniew Bartman. A video appeared on the “Antyfacts” channel with the former representative in the lead role, in which he was asked about his current relationship with Mateusz Borek. At first, Hajto stuck to the main topic, but at some point he “jumped” towards another founder of the Sports Channel.

To write that he expressed himself harshly is like writing nothing. – He has no rules. Full sucker. He slaps his tongue a lot and I’m sure he has a hundred percent more enemies than me. I don’t like people who create their popularity and business by fucking others (…) I would tear it apart and it’s not just me – said the former footballer.

Krzysztof Stanowski’s strong response to Tomasz Hajta’s words

It is true that Hajto did not mention by name who he was referring to and when asked for specifics, he did not specify. However, Internet users quickly connected the dots, as did the journalist himself, to whom the above quoted words were addressed. So we did not have to wait long for Stanowski’s retort and, as you can easily guess, he did not bite his tongue.

– Tomasz Hajto promised me, with an apology, wp*****l. Well, it’s hard. The message for him is that I don’t need the money, so I won’t fight him. Well, unless he just attacks me, then he can beat me, it’s his business. However, I’m not as desperate as he is financially, so I have to put on shorts and go to the ring. So much for this “naked” – he summed up on the Sport Channel.

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