Seven hours delay on a flight that was canceled anyway. Passengers didn’t even get water

Seven hours delay on a flight that was canceled anyway.  Passengers didn't even get water

The story of the passengers of the failed flight from New Jersey to Rome has come to light thanks to a viral recording. Travelers stuck in a United Airlines plane during the extreme heat, where the air conditioning broke down.

The network went viral over a recording of a nurse talking to a United Airlines employee. The incident took place in early July at the gate at the airport in New Jersey. The video shows Christine Ieronimo and other passengers who were hoping to fly to Rome. Shortly after the passengers took their seats, a series of failures occurred. “We noticed it was getting hot and the air conditioning wasn’t working,” the nurse began, quoted by CBS7.

At first, nothing heralded such a drama. The plane was directed to the gates and mechanics appeared on board. At the time, it seemed that the problem would be fixed quickly. Ieronimo reported that while everyone was waiting for the start, “it started to get hot again”. The captain then announced that the plane was returning to the gates and passengers would have to disembark. Everything took over three hours.

Their failed flight turned into a nightmare. “People were taking their shirts off and women were in sports bras”

“People were taking their shirts off and women were in sports bras because it was so hot. It was unbearable because there was no ventilation, the nurse said. In total, the flight was delayed for seven hours before finally being canceled at 12:00 p.m. 1 am. Ieronimo noted that on board the plane were old people who sweated a lot and a tragedy could happen. There was also a baby crying.

Additionally, the young girl almost fainted. “She must have had a panic attack and vomited,” the nurse said. There were also pregnant women on board the plane. Ieronimo stressed that passengers were not offered anything during those seven hours, not even a glass of water. Passengers also did not get food or accommodation, and the link that travelers received to help did not work.

The airline canceled the flight after seven hours. delays. Shocking compensation

The nurse said her family had booked rooms and tickets for the next day on their own, costing her £4,000. hole. United Airlines offered her compensation in the form of a $400 voucher. The US Department of Transportation is dealing with the case. Airlines must provide passengers with adequate food and water no later than two hours after the start of the delay.

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