Ukrainians called the Polish representative a traitor. The answer appeared

Ukrainians called the Polish representative a traitor.  The answer appeared

Taras Romanchuk scored a goal in a friendly match against Ukraine and was later criticized by the local media. He commented on it briefly.

Taras Romanczuk was born in Ukraine, but quickly connected his fate with Poland. He has been playing on our fields since 2013. In recent years, he has been a supporter of Jagiellonia Białystok. Last season, he won the national championship with this club. He also returned to the Polish team. He made his debut with the eagle on his chest in 2018 during a friendly against South Korea. He waited six years for his next appearances.

Ukrainians called Taras Romanchuk a traitor

This year, Romanczuk first played in the Wales-Poland clash (he entered the field in extra time), and a week ago he took part in a friendly match against Ukraine. It so happened that it was against this rival that he scored his first goal for the Polish national team. The competition with our neighbor ended with the score 3:1, and the 32-year-old spent 61 minutes on the pitch before being replaced by Jakub Moder.

In Ukraine, Romanchuk received a lot of criticism. He was constantly reminded of his origins. Some people used really strong words. The website even wrote about his goal as a “traitor’s goal”. TVP Sport decided to ask the representative of our country what he thinks about it.

– I haven’t read anything about it. If anyone wants to write, please do. There is no problem for me, Romanczuk emphasized, cutting the issue off really quickly.

Romanczuk with a call-up for Euro 2024

Michał Probierz knows Romanczuk well from his time at Jagiellonia Białystok. Under the leadership of the current coach of the Polish team, Jaga was also able to play great. Now the coach has decided that the 32-year-old may be a joker in his deck. First, he was called up to the wide squad for Euro 2024, and later he was among the 26 players selected to go to Germany.

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