Kobosko on the 13th and 14th retirement: They should not have a place in a serious system

Kobosko on the 13th and 14th retirement: They should not have a place in a serious system

Poland should move towards adopting the euro, and the 13th and 14th pensions are temporary. Michał Kobosko from Poland 2050 reminded what Szymon Hołownia’s party will fight for.

Negotiations are ongoing regarding future positions in the new government. According to behind-the-scenes information, one of the ministries may go to Michał Kobosko from Poland 2050.

13th and 14th pension to be liquidated

The newly elected MP was asked on Radio Zet, among others: about the social ideas of the coalition that will most likely form the new government. He admitted that the current solutions introduced by PiS should not be included in a serious pension system.

– The 13th and 14th pensions are benefits and makeshift pensions that should not have a place in a serious pension system – said Michał Kobosko, vice-chairman of Poland 2050, on Radio Zet. Thus, the MP, who, according to press information, is being considered for a ministerial position, commented on the possibility of maintaining the solutions introduced by the United Right government.

Will Poland adopt the euro?

Poland 2050 is the only party that still clearly emphasizes that Poland should strive to adopt the common European currency. Michał Kobosko spoke about his opinion, but also the party’s position, but reminded that it was a long process.

– We said that Poland should resume the process of preparing to adopt the euro. I will not say that we should accept it, because it will be perceived as if we wanted to do it today or tomorrow. It is not possible. Ultimately, as the only opposition party that Poland should move in this direction – said the vice-president of Poland 2050.

– Let me remind you that the youngest member of the euro zone, Croatia, adopted the currency on January 1 and, contrary to PiS propaganda that there would be drama, crisis and crash, nothing of the kind happened. Let’s draw conclusions from the experiences of our closest neighbors – emphasized Michał Kobosko.

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