Putin mentioned Poland. Sikorski’s decisive reaction

Putin mentioned Poland.  Sikorski's decisive reaction

Radosław Sikorski referred to the interview of Vladimir Putin, which the Russian president gave to an American journalist. Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out what was “shocking”.

Vladimir Putin’s interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson became famous even before it was broadcast. The date of publication coincided with the debate in the United States regarding further support for Ukraine, which has been defending itself against full-scale Russian aggression for almost two years.

During the conversation, the Russian president was asked whether he could imagine a scenario in which he would send Russian troops to NATO member countries. – Only in one case. If Poland attacks Russia, Vladimir Putin replied with a mocking smile. – We are not interested in Poland, Latvia or anything else. Why would we do this? We simply have no interest in this, he argued.

Putin mentioned Poland. Sikorski’s decisive reaction

Vladimir Putin’s statements in an interview with “Wprost” were analyzed by Dr. Tomasz Smura. – If we look at Russian strategic documents or politicians’ statements, we can see that it is not just about a piece of Ukraine. We will read in them that the existing world order with the strong position of the US and the broadly understood West is unacceptable, and the greatest threat to Russia is NATO. I have no doubt that the Russians will not stop in Ukraine, the next step will be to try to undermine the cohesion of the North Atlantic Alliance – said the director of the Analysis Office at the Foundation. Kazimierz Pułaski.

Radosław Sikorski commented on another thread of Vladimir Putin’s interview on social media. “It is not the first time that Russian dictator V. Putin blames Poland, attacked by the USSR on September 17, 1939, for the outbreak of World War II. We are also used to paranoid, pseudo-historical justifications for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in 2022. The only shocking thing is that this time it is facilitated by an American journalist,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs briefly wrote.

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