This anti-aircraft system could have killed Prigozhin. This is how Buk works

This anti-aircraft system could have killed Prigozhin.  This is how Buk works

The cause of death of the leaders of the Wagner group is still not officially known. One of the main suspects is the capital’s Russian anti-aircraft defense system, which is exceptionally active due to the growing threat from Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles. As OSINT analysts indicate, the main suspect is the 9K37 Buk self-propelled system, also known under the Western designation SA-11 Gadfly. Let’s take a look at what it can do and what it is famous for.

The arms and technological race of the United States and the USSR, initiated after the end of World War II, led to an interesting division of specializations. While the Americans, based on their own experience, focused on the development of military aviation. In turn, the USSR authorities, being aware of the differences and shortcomings, focused on numerous programs for the construction of anti-aircraft missile systems.

This type of competition between military blocs during the Cold War is present on many levels.

Apart from aviation and anti-aircraft systems, we can note similar examples, including: in the field of armaments at sea: NATO countries focused on the systematic expansion of ships and their operational capabilities, while the USSR (and currently Russia) is developing subsequent generations of anti-ship missiles. The development of tanks also resulted in the allocation of large financial resources to further types of anti-tank missiles. This technological race continues to this day, and among the examples of changes is the 9K37 Buk system.

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