Behind the scenes of the night attack on the Houthis. White House warns rebels

Behind the scenes of the night attack on the Houthis.  White House warns rebels

“Today, under my leadership, U.S. and British forces successfully conducted attacks on multiple targets in Yemen,” Joe Biden said overnight.

On the night from Thursday to Friday, the armed forces of the United States and Great Britain carried out a massive attack on the areas of Yemen controlled by the Houthi. The shelling was in response to drone and missile attacks by Iran-backed militants on commercial ships transiting the Red Sea.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, provided official information about the attack in an overnight statement issued by the White House. He also added that if necessary, he did not rule out “further measures to protect people and the free flow of international trade.”

Joe Biden takes responsibility

“Today, under my leadership, U.S. forces – together with the United Kingdom and with the support of Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands – successfully conducted attacks on multiple targets in Yemen used by Houthi rebels to threaten freedom of navigation in one of the world’s most important waterways ” – said Joe Biden.

Gen. Alex Grynkewich said the attack hit more than 60 targets at 16 locations of Iran-backed Houthi fighters, including command and control points, ammunition depots, manufacturing plants and air defense systems. A total of over 100 different types of precisely guided missiles were used in the attack.

Britain comments on the attack on the Houthis

British defense said in a statement that initial indications were that the shelling had reduced the extent to which the Houthis threatened shipping passing through the Red Sea. “When planning the shelling, special attention was paid to minimizing threats to the civilian population, which were further limited by the decision to carry out strikes at night,” the ministry assured.

One of the places that British forces struck was Abbs airfield. “Intelligence showed it was used to launch both cruise missiles and drones over the Red Sea. Our aircraft identified and eliminated several key targets at the airport,” it said.

In its statement, the ministry announced what equipment was used to carry out the attack. These were: the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Diamond, four RAF Typhoon FGR4 fighters, a Voyager air tanker and Paveway IV guided bombs.

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