Over two hundred apartments on offer in Black weeks. An unusual action by a development company

Poles rushed for a 2 percent loan.  There are the latest data

A marketing trick, an unusual form of advertising or a new way to promote and sell apartments? One of the largest development companies in the country announced that it has joined the world-famous November promotion campaign, which is an opportunity to make purchases with significant discounts. Over two hundred apartments in several Polish cities were included in the Black Week housing program. You can save over PLN 100,000. PLN – convinces the investor.

Black Friday is approaching slowly. At the end of November, a day of high sales will begin around the world. Most often, promotions range from 20 to even 70 percent. Others offer significant price discounts. For many companies, the sale formula is a sales harvest.

A development company will join the popular campaign. Housing Black weeks

Like every year, Poles also announce that they will be happy to take part in store sales. According to a study conducted by PayPo, as many as two-thirds of consumers (65%) plan to make numerous purchases on this day. For this reason, entrepreneurs are increasingly introducing a new trend and offering more days for cheaper shopping. Sales weekends and even a promotional week are organized.

The Murapol Group decided to join the popular campaign. As part of the Black weeks campaign, the developer has prepared a new promotion for its customers. The investor offers 222 apartments and investment apartments with bonus packages in 14 cities, says a company representative. In the November pool, customers can gain up to PLN 122,000. zloty.

Sale of real estate. If you buy an apartment, you will receive two parking spaces

Information about housing sales appeared on social media. According to Internet users, price discounts will be in a slightly different form than those offered by well-known chain stores in shopping malls or online stores. Some praise the company for organizing an interesting event, others write about a marketing trick that helps promote investments.

“What are these promotions about?” – they ask on the Internet. “The price of the premises from the November offer includes a discount, up to two parking spaces above ground or in underground garage halls, a premium smart home and insurance against the loss of a permanent source of income” – we read.

The shopping frenzy hits the real estate market

This year’s Housing Black Weeks is not only a great opportunity to buy your own apartment, as part of our promotion we also offer investment apartments to our clients. Purchasing real estate is not only a good way to earn money, but also to protect the value of money over time – says Łukasz Tekieli, sales director at this development company.

In his opinion, purchasing such a property allows for quick finalization of the transaction, which means the possibility of immediate collection of the keys and moving on to the interior finishing stage. – This is an attractive option in times of shrinking offers on the primary market – he adds.

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