Robert Korzeniowski for “Wprost”: It irritates me when I have to be a teddy bear to show, another line in Wikipedia

Robert Korzeniowski's honest confession.  He regrets these two things

– I will stick to the fact that ministers should be politicians; people connected with the political apparatus, having their own groups supporting them in effective activities, where they can discuss many topics inter-ministerial. We already have a sports minister. But every politician needs a group of experts, says Robert Korzeniowski

Katarzyna Burzyńska-Sychowicz “Wprost”: 21 years of sports career, marched approx. 130,000. kilometers, medals, awards, decorations, you offered one shoe to the Pope, you threw shoes to the spectators in the stands – did you feel like a rock star?

Robert Korzeniowski: It was no coincidence that I had my eyes set on Freddie Mercury – I wanted to be like him, only expressing it differently. I even had a mustache like Mercury up to a point, and when he shaved it off, I shaved it off too. Musically and pop culture, it impressed me, it had great musicians, full stadiums, it captivated me. I had a poster of Freddie before I had Jozef Pribiliniec, who won the Olympic walking games in Seoul. Then they both hung next to each other.

Did you listen to Queen during training and preparations?

I became a queenologist in 1983 – their music was only in my head at that time, and in fact, some of the songs that followed me were parameterized in such a way that I was able to impose a rhythm on myself for specific training. For example, the very fast “Rock it” – it was hard going. The time for headphones came when I was already a world-renowned player, a different era began. I traded my first Walkman, which had headphones, but they were certainly not suitable for fighting at an Olympic pace, for a tablecloth in Thessaloniki: I had linen tablecloths, but I had no money, I went to the shop and told the man that I had nothing but a nice tablecloth and that I wanted a Walkman for him – he gave it to me. It was 1988 – then such an exchange of goods was a virtue.

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