Bosak proposed a “constitutional reset”. President: Interesting idea

Bosak proposed a "constitutional reset".  President: Interesting idea

Andrzej Duda positively responded to Krzysztof Bosak’s idea to develop new solutions regarding the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

In mid-January, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation) proposed the so-called Constitutional Reset. He said that it was about “proposals to get out of the mess through jointly accepted amendments to the Constitution.” – We believe that this is the only lawful path at the moment, and continuing into this conflict, where everyone will have their own judges, their own judgments, their own laws and their tribunals, some in the country, others abroad, is a road to nowhere that may will only lead to deeper conflict in society (…) – said Krzysztof Bosak on January 12.

Bosak proposes a “constitutional reset”. Andrzej Duda: I am ready to talk

He later explained that the goal was to reset and re-establish the most important institutions: the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

– Our proposal is not new, we formulated it already in the previous term of office of the Sejm, when we saw the inflation of subsequent draft laws regulating the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal and the National Council of the Judiciary – said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm in “Graffiti” by Polsat News. Bosak said that the president should invite representatives of political parties to such a conversation.

– We have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to solve this mess through laws. The constitutionality of the National Council of the Judiciary, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Tribunal is being questioned, he emphasized.

Andrzej Duda referred to Bosak’s proposal in an interview with “Super Express”.

– I respect Krzysztof Bosak very much. It’s definitely a good idea to sit down and start a conversation. The majority of our society is waiting for the situation in the country to calm down. I am ready to talk to Marshal Krzysztof Bosak and agree initially to a certain formula that he proposes. I think this is an interesting idea. I believe that those who decide on the political scene today, those leaders, should think carefully about Marshal Bosak’s proposal – Andrzej Duda replied.

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