“Army of musclemen” at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency. “Attack on a PiS MP”

"Army of musclemen" at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency.  "Attack on a PiS MP"

PiS politicians continue their parliamentary intervention at the PAP headquarters. The new management strengthened the building’s security by employing external security companies, which Law and Justice named, among others: “army of bullies”. The deputies report that the bodily integrity of one of them was violated.

The management board of the Polish Press Agency has strengthened the security of the PAP headquarters in Warsaw by employing external security companies, the Wirtualne Media portal reported. Employees of security companies hired on behalf of the newly appointed president of the Polish Press Agency, Marek Błoński, arrived at the PAP headquarters on Saturday around three in the morning.

The PAP management board is strengthening the security of its headquarters

The building was then occupied by, among others, PiS MPs and former head of TVP Info. “They are attacking, strong people, an unknown group of hired security guards,” reported Samuel Pereira. “A group of musclemen appeared after 3 a.m.,” confirmed Bartłomiej Wróblewski. Representatives of the supervisory board and management board of the Polish Press Agency appeared together with the security guards.

The Law and Justice politician expected “an attack by a group of strong men.” He reported that the police came to the PAP headquarters, but refused to intervene because they recognized the new authorities. “It looks like martial law,” wrote Wróblewski.

Attack on Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk

Łukasz Schreiber added that “employees of the Polish Press Agency cannot enter.” They accused employees of security companies of “mainly trying to push” and one of the men “behaving quite aggressively.” After hours 4. He recorded a video showing Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk pulling out Waldemar Buda, saying: “you are violating the bodily inviolability of the MP.” In the description of the video, he emphasized that there was an attack on Szynkowski vel Sęk.

Schreiber after a while, accompanied by, among others, Mariusz Błaszczak says that “an attempt was made to rough up the deputy editor-in-chief of PAP.” After hours 5 Schreiber and Szynkowski vel Sęk criticized Błoński for not wanting to talk to them and for “hiring an army of bullies.”

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