Kaczyński bitterly about the situation on the border: The point is to bow to Putin and Lukashenko from afar

Kaczyński bitterly about the situation on the border: The point is to bow to Putin and Lukashenko from afar

The president of Law and Justice held a press conference on Thursday afternoon. Jarosław Kaczyński began to criticize the authorities in the context of actions taken on the Polish-Belarusian border. “There is no prime minister, there is no government,” he said bitterly.

Before Jarosław Kaczyński started speaking, footage from Law and Justice was presented in the background. During it, several old statements by politicians from the Civic Platform, Third Way, as well as journalists and activists were presented. – These are poor people who are looking for their place on earth – said Donald Tusk in 2021, which appeared in the material. The narrator also drew attention to recent controversial events, including: related to the arrest by the Military Police of Polish soldiers who used weapons at the border – which was first reported by Onet.

Kaczyński speaks bitterly about the government: Shame and disgrace

– This government is a shame and disgrace – the PiS president began, referring to the statements and events presented in the material. He said that coalition politicians had recently “changed the narrative – radically.” – Because what it was like has just been briefly shown, but in fact the policy has not been changed, because behind this narrative are those who are detaining soldiers, although the soldiers are doing what they are supposed to do and have every right to do so – he noted .

Then, the Act on the Military Police and Military Law Enforcement Bodies (of August 2001) was displayed, which regulates the use and use of weapons. As the former prime minister pointed out, the law today provides “full grounds for the use of weapons by defenders of our border.” – If such cases end in criminal proceedings, ladies and gentlemen, this is proof that there is a fundamental difference between the facts and what is publicly and very loudly declared – he said. According to the PiS president, “basically, the point is to bow to (Vladimir) Putin and (Alexander) Lukashenko from afar.”

– The situation (on the border – ed.) is really serious – those who attack are really dangerous people and if there is no total determination here, we will not really be a “wall behind the Polish uniform” (this is one of the slogans that appeared in material – ed.), Polish soldiers will not know that they can use all legally permitted means, he added, emphasizing that “such a permitted means is the use of weapons.” According to the former head of government, this may result in a situation where the “border” will no longer be “tight and the other side will be convinced” that the government is “crumbling”.

PiS president: Donald Tusk deserves a “yellow card”

– There is no prime minister, there is no government – ​​we have some incredible confusion when it comes to the decisions we make, but this confusion, in my opinion, is not accidental. This is simply an attempt to get out of this situation, he noted, pointing to the alleged obligations of the government towards the “West”, and therefore also the “East”. – That means towards Germany, and that means – at least to some extent also towards Russia. He added that “we cannot say at this moment that we are opening this border – we cannot lead to this invasion, because it would have to end badly for this government.” According to Kaczyński, the situation is “extremely dangerous.” Society, he suggested, may show the government a “yellow card” – for the second time.

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