More problems for Maciej Wąsik. “Effective execution”

More problems for Maciej Wąsik.  "Effective execution"

The bailiff accessed the account of PiS MEP Maciej Wąsik. He took almost PLN 50,000, of which PLN 41,000 went to the Open Dialog Foundation. “Wąsik lost the lawsuit against us for infringement of personal rights,” the foundation reminds.

The final judgment in this case was issued in February 2024. The lawsuit for infringement of personal rights was filed against the PiS politician by Bartosz Kramek, Ludmiła Kozłowska and the Open Dialogue Foundation they founded. “The case concerned slander, in which he accused us of working for Russia, money laundering, and slandered Bartosz Kramek for publicly calling for bloodshed. Of course, he did not defend any of these theses in court,” we read in the foundation’s statement.

Maciej Wąsik was supposed to pay a total of 30 thousand złoty in compensation and apologize to the activists on TVP Info, Telewizja Republika and Telewizja wPolsce. He did neither. That is why Dawid Biernat, the attorney for Kramek, Kozłowska and the foundation, filed a motion with the bailiff to initiate and conduct bailiff proceedings against the politician.

The Open Dialog Foundation recovered the money from Wąsik

Now the foundation has announced its success. “As a result of effective enforcement, we have obtained over PLN 41,000 in compensation for slander and interest for failure to enforce the final court judgment of February 2024,” we read in a statement on social media. In turn, PAP reports that the PiS politician declined to comment. However, this is not the end of the matter, because Wąsik can still appeal the bailiff’s actions.

Activists are also planning next steps. The PiS MEP has still not apologized to them, which is why the foundation intends to apply for “compulsory proceedings imposing a fine for each day of delay.”

– Maciej Wąsik is one of the symbols of abuse of power in recent years. I would like to remind you that the prosecutor’s office is also conducting an investigation into the ordering of the ABW for illegal surveillance, to which I was allegedly subjected in hotels of the Polish Hotel Holding during the PiS government – recalled Bartosz Kramek in an interview with PAP. – According to the whistleblower’s account, its aim was, among other things, to provide Maciej Wąsik with evidence, the so-called compromises against us, which he could use in the civil trial that was still ongoing at that time. They even considered provocations in order to produce them. It did not work – he added.

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