Joanna Senyszyn’s defeat. OKW refused to register her committee

Joanna Senyszyn's defeat.  OKW refused to register her committee

Joanna Senyszyn wanted to run in the Senate elections from the Warsaw district. However, her plan failed because the District Electoral Commission in Warsaw refused to register her committee.

The joint opposition candidate for the Senate in Warsaw is MP Magdalena Biejat from the Razem party. Joanna Senyszyn did not like this decision, and she decided to run from the same district as an independent candidate. “Out of respect for the constitution, and to provide our capital with a truly democratic, free election, I decided to run for the Senate in Warsaw. I am asking for your support,” the parliamentarian wrote when announcing her plans.

Joanna Senyszyn’s failure

However, Senyszyn failed and failed to collect the number of signatures needed to register the committee. Although 2,740 signatures were submitted to the District Electoral Commission in Warsaw, the commission rejected as many as 1,041 of them, i.e. 38 percent. The reason for this decision was numerous errors. These included, among others: incorrect PESEL numbers, illegible data and lack of voter signatures.

Adrian Zandberg commented on Twitter about the defeat of the MP who decided to run against the common opposition candidate.

“How much do internet haters, to whom some politicians grovel, really matter? The hater bubble, as we know, hates the Razem party. Their favorite, Joanna Senyszyn, was to run against the Senate Pact candidate, Magdalena Biejat. But she failed to collect signatures,” wrote the co-chair of the Left.

And yet they imagine it

In a recent interview for “Wprost”, Joanna Senyszyn claimed that Warsaw residents cannot imagine the parliament without her presence. – If Warsaw PO voters behaved now as Mrs. Biejat did in 2015, the PiS candidate would win. Thanks to me, they have a real choice. They can vote for a woman of flesh and blood, the mother of the term “Kachism”, and not just for a badge of the Senate pact, she said.

The MP also explained why she was not on board with the Razem party, emphasizing, however, that she felt sympathy for her possible opponent. – Like the vast majority of Poles, I do not agree with many of their extreme demands, such as tax progression to 75 percent, or with symmetry, because PiS is a pest that must be fought. And I even like Mrs. Biejat, she said.

As it turns out, the inhabitants of Warsaw were not willing to sign Senyszyn’s list.

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