Alarming words of Donald Tusk after the European Council. “Critical Moment”

Alarming words of Donald Tusk after the European Council.  "Critical Moment"

Donald Tusk summarized the findings of the European Council summit. The most important issue discussed by the leaders was aid for Ukraine struggling with Russian aggression.

Donald Tusk took part in the two-day summit of the European Council in Brussels. During the meeting of EU leaders, Volodymyr Zelensky joined them. The President of Ukraine emphasized that his country needs immediate help, which could decide the fate of the war. The Ukrainian leader clarified that the idea is to provide systems that will be able to combat Russian missiles and drones.

War in Ukraine. Donald Tusk on EU arrangements

During a short press briefing after the European Council meeting, Donald Tusk said that from the Polish point of view, the most important were security issues. The Prime Minister admitted that “the mood may not be negative, but everyone realizes that the moment is critical and the coming weeks may decide the fate of the war in Ukraine.”

The head of the Polish government emphasized that “the summit conclusions include a provision obliging the EU to take action to ensure the safety of the Ukrainian sky.” – However, this has no practical significance, because the EU as such has nothing to send to Ukraine. A common intention was expressed that Europe would take part of the responsibility for the security of the Ukrainian sky, he explained.

On the issue of armaments, the European Council stressed “the need to urgently provide air defense for Ukraine and accelerate the delivery of all necessary military support, including artillery ammunition and missiles.”

Donald Tusk harshly about the US Congress

According to the head of the Polish government, the optimal scenario for ending the war in Ukraine is to preserve the integrity of this country and its sovereignty. – It's not about defeating Russia. The point is for Russia to refrain from trying to take over Ukraine, he explained.

At the same time, the Prime Minister criticized the American Congress, which is refraining from approving the next tranche of aid for Kiev.
– Such actions have greatly weakened Ukraine and are marked with blood. Maybe something will change on Saturday, said the head of KO, referring to the vote on aid for Ukraine announced by the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson.

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