Jackowski on PiS’s “victory”: An exceptionally mediocre result. It was arrogance, pride and lack of humility

Jackowski on PiS's "victory": An exceptionally mediocre result.  It was arrogance, pride and lack of humility

– This is not only a bitter, but also a pyrrhic victory, absolutely below Jarosław Kaczyński’s expectations. If we take into account the expenditure of effort and resources, and the involvement of the entire state apparatus subordinated to PiS, the result is exceptionally mediocre. The decisive factor was arrogance, pride, lack of humility and deviation from the principles and ethical standards that this party publicly proclaims – says Senator Jan Maria Jackowski in an interview with “Wprost”.

Agnieszka Szczepańska, “Wprost”: After three terms in the Senate, you will have to say goodbye to Wiejska. Were you disappointed with the result?

I have taken note of the verdict and approach it with humility. In the past I won sometimes, I lost sometimes, that’s what democracy is all about. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s an old political principle. Working in the Senate was a wonderful, creative adventure for me, I worked with fantastic people to whom I am extremely grateful. Well, I ran from my own committee, without a party badge.

I had very limited financial resources and access to the media, and against me was the huge propaganda apparatus of the ruling camp, which politically dominates my district and spent millions on its campaign nationwide.

Do you regret not joining any of the parties in the campaign?

I have nothing to regret because I made a conscious choice and I am consistent in what I do. I was non-partisan for three terms, and although I had previously run on PiS lists, I did not have a party card.

You have not spared any criticism towards PiS in recent years. Did this take its toll on you?

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