Jacek Kurski will be behind the PiS campaign. Adam Bielan confirms

Jacek Kurski will be behind the PiS campaign.  Adam Bielan confirms

The Law and Justice electoral staff will consist of five people. Among them, Adam Bielan and Jacek Kurski. The politicians have one more thing in common – they will run from a common constituency.

The electoral lists of Law and Justice for the European Parliament are to be ready. – There may be minor corrections resulting from someone from further positions withdrawing for some personal reasons – explains Adam Bielan.

All candidates are to be presented on May 2 at the party convention in Kielce. Then the time expires for registering lists with the National Electoral Commission.

Adam Bielan confirmed the composition of the electoral staff

It is also known who will be part of the party's electoral staff. Even before the weekend, Wirtualna Polski reported that it would consist of five people, including: the party's general secretary Piotr Milowański, the party's spokesman Rafał Bochenek, the head of the parliamentary club Mariusz Błaszczak, the former head of TVP Jacek Kurski and MEP Jacek Bielan.

On Monday, the last of them confirmed the personal details of the members on Polsat News, although, as he admitted, the staff is always wider. – Hundreds or even thousands of people work in the election campaign, both at the headquarters and especially in the field – explained Bielan.

The basis of elections: mobilization of the electorate

The main goal of the staff will most likely be to mobilize the electorate. – We are afraid of low turnout – says the MEP. – It was always lower in the European elections than in the Sejm elections – he adds.

Bielany's cooperation with Kurski is said to be key in the staff, although behind the scenes it is no secret that the politicians do not like each other very much. – They are supposed to cooperate closely in the staff, this is what the president expects – Wirtualna Polska hears from one of the party's politicians.

Kurski and Bielany will start from the same district

Their cooperation will not end with the staff itself. As Joanna Miziołek from Wprost reported on Wednesday, politicians are to run in the elections from one district, Mazovia. Bielany is to be number one, Kurski is to be number two.

As one of Wprost's interlocutors states, Jarosław Kaczyński arranged the lists in such a way as to mobilize top politicians to work hard. – The president wants to force the first MPs to work, and the results of the next MPs on the list will also be important. Kaczyński will keep an eye on it, he says.

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